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Felix Nox is the son of Rana Nox. Felix is the unintentional reason for Rana's life of crime. Felix looks most like his mother, with black fur and hair, but has blue eyes instead of his mother's brown. He usually wears a simple T-shirt, shorts and runners. Felix is a very playful and upbeat little boy. He doesn't feel bad about his poverty and always tries to look at the best of things. He has a high admiration for the Loonatics. Felix has a strong bond with his mother but is far too young to understand the lengths to goes to in order to provide him with food and clothes.

When Rana conceived Felix, she was still in high school but her boyfriend would not help her and her parents disowned her. By the time he was born, Rana was forced into homelessness, seeking help at various shelters, but failing to find any good employment. She was able to secure a job as a waitress, but could only earn enough to pay for the rent of her tiny apartment and could not even afford to send Felix to school.

In order to provide for her son, Rana turned to stealing in order to feed and clothe him. Her activities eventually caught the eye of Ace Bunny, who, after following her back to her apartment, tried to convince her to give up her life of crime and seek other ways to provide for her family. Felix overheard the conversation and was excited to meet Ace, being an avid fan of the Loonatics. Rana asked him to go back to bed, while Ace promised him that if he let them speak privately, Ace would take him to meet the rest of the Loonatics. Felix agreed and returned to his room.


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