Fathers is a Bakugan oneshot set sometime after the events of Gundalian Invaders, just before Mechtanium Surge. It is not associated with the official Bakugan series. It is a Shunxoc twoshot that details Shun meeting his estranged father for the first time in his life. It was published on on April 13th, 2011 and completed on April 18th, 2011.



Part 1: Two Dads in One Day

Shun travels to Vestal with Ayden to pick up several things she left at her father's apartment after she moved in with Ace. Shun is nervous about running into her father, but she says he is normally at work all day. However, her father arrives home early and makes several snide remarks about Ayden and Ace, causing Ayden to leave in anger. When they return to Shun's home on Earth, they find a man standing outside his house. The man reveals himself to be Chihiro Suzuki, Shun's biological father.

Part 2: Coffee

Shun is furious with his father's sudden appearance, but Ayden convinces him to give his father a chance and have coffee with him. Shun reluctantly agrees and meets his father for coffee the next day. Their meeting displays clear awkwardness as Shun makes it clear he does not want to be there and Chihiro does not know where to start with his son. He begins asking about Bakugan and Ayden, to which Shun angrily recounts his life events. Chihiro is interrupted by a call, which he reveals is from his wife and he must pick up his two sons from soccer practice. Shun is upset to learn that Chihiro is married with a family of his own and leaves. Chihiro tries to stop Shun, but he angrily yells that if Chihiro was going to be their father, why couldn't he have been Shun's either? Chihiro apologizes and admits that he wasn't ready to be a father when he was with Shiori. Shun mutters that Chihiro does not even know that Shiori has died five years earlier, causing Chihiro to become upset. Shun remarks that this meeting was a mistake and that Chihiro should not have gone looking for him and leaves.

He returns to him home and has a conversation with Ayden. She learned from Shun's grandfather that when Shiori was pregnant with him, Chihiro wanted her to give up the baby, but she refused so he left her. Shun voices his intentions to be there for his children when he has kids one day, hinting that he intends to marry Ayden some day.


  • Shun's father is named after his Japanese voice actor.

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