Dragon Gauntlet
Dragon Gauntlet
Owner Shizuka Hattori
Weapon Weapon form of Azreal
Type Melee, ranged
Weapon derivation Gauntlet, claws, elemental manipulation

The Dragon Gauntlet is Azreal's weapon form. It is dark blue and shaped like a dragon's head with bright red eyes and is grafted over a person's forearm depending on their handedness, left in Shizuka Hattori's case. Each finger is covered in by the gauntlet to form rough textured and sharply tipped fingers. In the center of the palm is a oval-shaped jewel that changes color depending the element the wielder wishes to utilize.

It's rough texture and clawed fingers make it an excellent weapon for blunt and slashing attacks. It is also highly durable, able to act as a shield against many attacks such as deflecting swords or shielding one from bullets. In addition, the user can utilize Azreal's elemental abilities as well. Only one element can be used at once and it is usually expelled through the jewel in the gauntlet's palm in the form of a energy beam. It can allow the wielder to manipulate the element entirely depending on their level of training and skill as well as utilize more advanced variations of the energy beam such as waves, blasts and bullets.

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