The Dragon Council is a group of dragons that act as the main government of the Dragon Realm. One dragon from each of the clans of flame, river, gaia and sky is elected by their respective clans to represent their people on the council. Their primary objective is to work towards peaceful coexistence between the four clans. Their primary meeting place is within the Dragon Council Chambers, located at the center of the Dragon Realm.



Long before the Dragon Council was formed, each of the six clans kept their distance from each other until the events leading up to the Abyss-Aurora War. During this war, the abyss dragons attacked their long time enemies and polar opposites, the aurora dragons. The war went on for centuries and many innocent dragons from the other clans were caught in the cross fire. The war finally ended when the aurora dragons gained the upper hand and succeeded in wiping out a majority of abyss dragons, driving the few the remained back to the Thestral Outlands.

As a result of the devastation caused by the war, the Dragon Council was formed and tasked with working towards peaceful coexistence among the clans. One representative from the clans of flame, river, gaia and sky were elected and as their first act, the aurora dragons were banished to the Solar Plains and ordered to never leave - as the Council could not ignore their part in the Abyss-Aurora War despite the abyss dragons being the ones who instigated it. To this day, the aurora dragons have honored their sentence.

As time went on, new representative were elected and the council continued to successfully oversee peaceful coexistence between the four clans, mostly maintained by agreeing to not stray beyond their native homelands unless it was to meet at the Dragon Council Chambers. At some point after Tai Lung joined, his son, Azreal, was sentenced to death for killing Norax, a surviving abyss dragon. Because of Tai Lung's position on the Dragon Council, Azreal's sentence was lightened to exile and he was expelled from the Dragon Realm through the Shrine of Blessed Journey.

Dragon Realm

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