Double Happiness
Double Happiness 2015

Double Happiness is a young qilin and younger sister of Lucky Streak.

Personal data
Nicknames Happy
Gender Female
Species Qilin
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Journey to the West

Double Happiness, more commonly referred to as Happy, is a qilin and the younger sister of Lucky Streak. Originally born and sheltered within the Qilin Glades, Happy befriended Princess Terra and subsequently brought about the integration of qilins into Wu Xing society. Happy was named so for her constant good mood and the fact that nothing seems to depress her.

Physical description

Happy is a qilin pony with a navy blue coat and light tan belly that extends up to her neck and covers her mouth and the center of her face. She has a short, bright red mane with light red streaks and a thin blue tail covered in red hair as well as hair along backs of her legs. Part of her hair is braided on the left side, similar to Princess Terra's hair. Her hind legs are hooves while her front legs have claws that allow her to grab objects. She has a pair of dark red horns with blue orbs and has a pair of whiskers on her face. Like Lucky, she has thin streams of clouds over his shoulders and ankles, though hers are much smaller. She wears two gold earrings on her left ear, two golden anklets on her back left leg and a silver flower pin in her hair and has aqua-green colored eyes. Her cutie mark is the Chinese character 囍 in red.


True to her name, Happy is an unending source of joy and excitement. She is always in a positive mood and easily excitable, especially by new things. She is almost never scared by anything and as a result, can be somewhat reckless. This personality is a direct result of her extremely powerful luck magic, which has made Happy very lucky in her life and always caused any potential harm to avoid her.



  • Luck magic: Happy's primary magic is the qilin luck magic, a form of inactive magic that simply makes qilins experience lucky events wherever they go. Happy's luck magic is the most powerful seen in any qilin for centuries, even more powerful than Lucky's. This magic manifests itself as an always active force that always protects Happy from harm and makes things go in her favor.
  • Healing magic: Happy is also well gifted in the use of healing magic.
  • Telekinesis
  • Longevity


  • Happy's cutie mark, 囍, is the Chinese character meaning "double happiness".
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