Division V
Brawlers next gen division v by zephyros phoenix-d46ldxv

The members of the Vestal Division.

Basic Information
Group Type Team
Founder Clay Grit, Aaron Rich, Alaster "Wraith" Fermin-Grav
Leader Clay Grit
Status Active
Division V refers to one of the four division of the Next Generation Battle Brawlers. They are stationed on Vestal. It consists of five members, all of whom are full Vestals. They are currently led by Clay Grit, with Wraith being the second-in-command.


Clay Grit: Partnered with Subterra Magma Wilda, Clay is the leader of the Vestal Division and the son of Ace Grit and Mira Fermin. He is the older brother of Blaze and the cousin of Alastor, Alma, Shin, Shiori and Shizuka.

Aaron Leltoy: Partnered with Haos Ancient Nemus, Aaron is the son of Baron Leltoy. He is a dashing playboy who openly flirts with almost every girl he sees. His love interest is Blaze, but he is unaware of her crush on him.

Blaze Grit: Partnered with Darkus Knight Percival, Blaze is the daughter of Ace Grit and Mira Fermin and the younger sister of Clay. She is also the cousin of Alastor, Alma, Shin, Shiori and Shizuka. She dislikes it when people call her 'little girl' and underestimate her. Her love interest is Aaron.

Alastor Fermin-Grav: Partnered with Darkus Infinity Helios, Wraith is the second-in-command and the adoptive son of Keith Fermin and Gus Grav. He is the older brother of Alma and the cousin of Clay and Blaze.

Alma Fermin-Grav: Partnered with Subterra Rex Vulcan, Soul is the youngest member of the group and the adoptive daughter of Keith Fermin and Gus Grav. She is Alastor's younger sister and the cousin of Clay and Blaze. She is very inexperienced and does not often participate in battles. Instead she cheers on her brother.



  • All of the members except Aaron are related to each other. Blaze and Clay are the cousins of Alastor and Alma.

Bakugan: Next Generation

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