Delilah North
Delilah emblem

Delilah North 2016

Delilah uniform

Delilah dance

Personal data
Nicknames D, North
Title "Dartmouth green"
Age 17
Gender Female
Emblem Delilah emblem
Species Human
Occupation Member of Team CRLN
Beacon Academy Student
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix and Dingo-Sniper
From dartmouth green, springs the light of growth.


Early life

Delilah was raised in a quiet and isolated, forest area by her single mother and never knew her father. Because of this, Delilah had little interaction with others and did not develop proper social interaction skills. Additionally, Delilah was taught by her mother that Grimm were attracted to negative emotions and warned her not to let negative emotions consume her. Due to her young age, Delilah misinterpreted this to mean that she should not feel any emotion at all, leaving her the emotionally aloof girl she is today. Growing up, Delilah trained in the combat and utilizing her Semblance to control plant life as well as learning about herbs and medicine from her mother. However, when her mother passed away, Delilah left home to see the rest of Remnant and hopefully find her father.

Beacon Academy

At some point on her journey, she arrived in Vale and managed to track her father down based on what she was told by her mother. Colton Blackthorn, her father and a professor at Beacon, took her in and enrolled her in Beacon Academy. During Initiation, she ran into Aiden Radcliffe, and became his partner. After Initiation, they were paired with Caelan Roth and Hyacintha Litwinovii to form Team CRLN.

Despite joining the Academy and being part of the team, Delilah interacts very minimally and never displays the slightest emotions to anyone - not even her father - or even interest in anything. This often encourages Aiden and Hyacintha to get her to open up more, though with little success.


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