Deathstalker's family was Deathstalker the Scorpion's family of anthropomorphic Mobian scorpions that he lived with before he began his career as a mercenary. Deathstalker was the runt of the family and often teased for his small size by his siblings, but the family loved each other dearly. The entire family was slaughtered on Brone the Vulture's orders, which prompted Deathstalker's desire for revenge on their deaths and his eventual progression into professional assassin and mercenary.



Tarquin was Deathstalker's father, Gladys' husband and an Indian red scorpion. He was proud, determined and a figure Deathstalker commonly looked up to. However, Tarquin owed a large debt to Brone the Vulture, a notorious crime boss and when he was unable to pay, Brone ordered the entire family killed with Deathstalker being the sole survivor.


Gladys was Deathstalker's mother, Tarquin's wife and a yellow-legged creeping scorpion. She was kind, loving and nurturing and always supportive of her children. She died alongside the rest of her family and was survived by her youngest son.


Cedric was Deathstalker's eldest brother and an Arabian fat-tailed scorpion. Cedric was 19 years old and excelled in many physical sports. He was known for being hot-headed and getting into a lot of fights but was for all intents and purposes, a good kid who cared about his family and friends.


Austin was Deathstalker's second eldest brother and a yellow fat-tailed scorpion. Austin was 17 years old and an intellectual superior, excelling in all his academic courses and even advancing several grades.


Tess was Deathstalker's eldest sister and a black spitting thicktail scorpion. She was 16 years old and was a very outgoing and confident young woman. She was extremely conscious of her physical appearance and was most often rather selfish. Despite this, she was loyal and caring to her family.


Vincent was Deathstalker's third eldest brother and a striped bark scorpion. He was 13 years old and exhibited an early fascination with anthropology and law, wanting to study and become, in his words, "anything that involved catching bad guys." He also loved comic books, especially ones about super heroes, and building model toys.


Lita was Deathstalker's second eldest sister and an Asian forest scorpion. She was 9 years old and loved playing with dolls and stuffed animals. She loved animals and wanted to be a doctor when she grew up.


Deathstalker is the youngest member of the family and the only one to survive the bloody and horrific murder of the family. He was 6 years old at the time of their death and spent the next few years training to become an assassin and get revenge for his family.


  • Each of Deathstalker's family's names were chosen based on the first letter of the species name of the respective species of scorpion the character is based on.

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