This page consists of the timeline of events within the universe of Dark Skies in chronological order.

Events before current timelineEdit

Time Description
Unknown time ago Un'Dine, Lariat appear in the universe. Tekhne's appear in the universe but outside the Forticona galaxy.
Unknown time ago Un'Dine and Lariat go to war, resulting in the destruction of countless worlds.
Unknown time ago. Lariat detonate the Void Bomb, leading to the extinction of both species.
Unknown time ago after Void Bomb. Terrans, Aegeans, Ursuars, Colletidae, Scotoecians, Kodomos, Jonsoni and various other races appear in the Forticona galaxy.
Aeon 0 Aegean's create the first L.Q.B Air drive, allowing them to travel to other worlds within the Egypika star system.
Aeon 46 The galactic council is formed on Hathor and begins to oversee galactic trade and various other events. Aegean's encounter the Ursuar, Kodomo and Jonsoni. First recorded tomb of the Lariat is found.
Aeon 54 The Colletidae are encountered on a routine trade mission through the Europa sector. The Scotoecians are encountered during routine combat drills near the Sinra system. Both races join the galactic council.
Aeon 90 A group of Colletidae mages prevent the destruction of the Colletidae homeworld by teleporting a malfunctioning theurgical weapon and sacrificing themselves in the process, the fallout however results in the planet being shattered but still remains liveable. The first reported Void Fragment is spotted in an Ursuar system near the planet Thor on its moon Loki, triggering a Void Gate and causing both planets to be lost to the void.
Aeon 110 Thor and Loki are locked off to prevent further void contamination. Reports emerge of humanoid figures emerging from the void storm but are never seen again.
Aeon 120-500 A large exploration party encounters various other races over a 75 year expedition into further reaches of space, resulting in a mass wave of newcomers to the galaxy.
Aeon 780 - 795 Terran's achieve short distance space flight between Terra and its orbiting moon with unmanned shuttles. Attempt in sending a piloted shuttle failed resulting in the pilot lost in space.
Aeon 825 Ursuar space craft find lost Terran shuttle stranded in space with the pilot dead inside. Trace back to Terra but choose not to show themselves.
Aeon 826 After a year of deliberation, the galactic council agrees to acknowledge Terra's existence but does not open contact with the species. Instead, Terra is classified as off limits until further notice.
Aeon 900 Terran's achieve space travel between planets within their own system. Discover left over debris from unknown races.
Aeon 1000 Following a 200 year ban. The galactic council openly votes for the Terran race to be told of the existence of the other races.
Aeon 1001 Terran's learn of the existence of the galactic council and other races in the galaxy. Despite peaceful negotiations, Terran's declare open war on the various races they see a threat.
Aeon 1055 After a 54 year war, the Terran president is replaced and peace is established between the terran race and the galactic council.
Aeon 1880 A rift appears in the Nile nebula, the Voiyani emerge from it and become apart of Forticonian society. Exorcism theurgy is introduced to the galaxy after their arrival.
Aeon 2148 Halwn Pyry is born.
Aeon 2155 Harbinger is born
Aeon 2172 Halwn joins the Terran military as a robotics consultant. Raida is born.
Aeon 2174 Jinks, Tabitha Steelheart and Berenice Ozias are born.
Aeon 2175 Makani Cinaed is born.
Aeon 2176 Halwn assassinates the Terran presidency with the assistance of Nathara and Harbinger. Begins pooling resources into developing Project: Icarus
Aeon 2177 Alvar Ozias, Senka Mayumi are born. Halwn unveils Project: Icarus as the Steel Legion, solidifying his iron grip on Terra by replacing all organic authority with the legion.
Aeon 2178 Caz is Born. Halwn's campaign continues, resulting in the legion invasion of the Corvi homeworld, Rynchos. leading to the mass genocide of the Corvi race. Raida escapes to Bucktooth and is taken in by Raynor Akiko.
Aeon 2179 Viola Rosa is born.
Aeon 2180 The galactic council attempts to form a collation of freedom fighters known as Horizon, the project fails several months into development and is scrapped.
Aeon 2184 Viola crash lands on the Scotoecian homeplanet of Izumani, adopted by Senka Mayumi's family.
Aeon 2189 Raida leads a strategic strike against the steel legion on the Josoni mining planet of Witherfang, her success on both Witherfang and other worlds prompts the reactivation of Horizon with all control given to Raida and becomes the main resistance organization in Forticona.
Aeon 2194 Alvar and Bernice's mother is murdered by Halwn Pyry. Kōgyoku Masaki murders Senka and Viola's family, resulting in their escape from Izumani.

Present day - Aeon 2196Edit

Time Description
Aeon 2196 Halwn continues his bloody campaign across Forticona in an attempt to completely control the galaxy. Raida leads Horizon against the Legion. Alvar Ozias and his travelling companions discover a Void Fragment on the forest world of Vilethorne.
Dark Skies

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