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Dagger of Cruour

The Dagger of Cruour

The Dagger of Cruour is a sacred item to the House of Cruour. It is a ancient dagger with runic markings placed along the blade. The current holder is Dezmodus the Bat.



The Dagger originally belonged to Cruour, the founder of the House of Cruour from the Mythsetia Veil. It was eventually passed down to his descendants and currently rests in the hands of Dezmodus the Bat, one of two living descendants of Cruour's bloodline alongside his brother, Daemus the Bat. Daemus originally held the dagger, but when Dezmodus attacked him in a blood rage, Dezmodus escaped with the dagger. The two brothers are currently fighting over ownership of the dagger.

The Dagger is capable of duplicating blood, allowing the user to construct a near infinite blood for use in magic without compromising his or her own blood supply.


  • The Dagger is inspired by the Dragon Age series, in which blood mages would use daggers to slice open their wrists for blood.

Mythsetian Relics

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