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Daemus the Bat
Crest of Cruour
Daemus the bat

Daemus is one of the last descendants of Cruour and the brother of Dezmodus.

Personal data
Alias Blood Hunter
Age 24
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian-Mobian bat
Occupation Bounty hunter
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Sonic Rangers Ninja Storm
I won't stop until I find him and end him. It's my fault my brother lost his mind.
Daemus the Bat


Daemus grew up alongside his younger brother, Dezmodus the Bat, whom he largely raised. The two had been on their own since they were children and Daemus took charge in training to master their blood magic abilities. While Daemus was patient and hard working, Dezmodus was frustrated and impatient.

During a practice match with the two, Dezmodus accidentally ingested some of Daemus' blood and discovered the powers and mastery he attained through blood consumption. Addicted to the sensation and power, Dezmodus attempted to kill Daemus for his blood. Daemus fought back and was nearly overwhelmed by Dezmodus' mass increase in power. Daemus barely managed to push Dezmodus back, but he escaped with the Dagger of Cruour.

Feeling honor bound as the older brother to stop Dezmodus and guilty over inadvertently causing his brother's addiction to blood consumption and his resulting mental degeneration, Daemus dedicated himself to recovering the Dagger and saving his brother.

Blood Hunter

Despite his mental degeneration, Dezmodus proved to be quite elusive. However, Daemus managed to track him using the Cruour house seal, though Dezmodus appears to elude him every time. While Daemus desperately hopes to save his brother from his own addiction, Daemus has come to realize that the only way to save him may be to kill him.

In the meantime, Daemus set himself up as a bounty hunter for hire, though his strong moral compass only allowed him to accept certain jobs. He made use of his enhanced tracking skills with his blood magic and became one of the most skilled bounty hunters in the world, being dubbed the Blood Hunter.


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