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Crest of Cruour

Cruour's crest

Cruour (クルオウル Kuruouru) was the original ancestor of the House of Cruour. He was a powerful blood mage, able to manipulate blood in many ways for offensive and defensive spells and even healing. Cruour later discovered that consuming blood increased his power, but was too late to realize that it had the horrible side effect of corrupting his mind, ultimately driving him insane. His sacred relic was the Dagger of Cruour, which he primarily used to draw blood to use in his magic.

Known descendants


  • Cruour's name derives from the Latin word meaning "blood from a wound".
  • Alternate name choice include sangre, which is Spanish for "blood".
Preceded by
Position established
Head of the House of Cruour Succeeded by
Unknown, to be determined
(due to conflict between Daemus and Dezmodus)

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