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Corvus the Crow
Crest of Nekros
Corvus the Crow

Corvus is the last, living descendant of Nekros and Ravenna's son.

Personal data
Age 8
Gender Male
Species Mythsetian-Mobian crow
Occupation Head of the House of Nekros (unofficial)
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

This page is comprised of Corvus the Crow's relationships with characters he has interacted with. Because of his necromancy abilities, the murder of his mother for those same abilities and in order to keep his mother and the Chain of Nekros safe, Corvus never stays in one place for more than a few days and is always on the move. Staying to more isolated areas, Corvus avoids people as often as he can and as a result, has very few relationships.


House of Nekros

Corvus is a member of the House of Nekros.


Ravenna the Crow

Chain of Nekros

The Chain of Nekros, where Ravenna's soul now resides.

Corvus has a very close relationship with his mother. She is loving, kind and tender towards him and gently nurtured his necromancy abilities. However, after showcasing her reanimation abilities, some locals witnessed this and murdered her, believing her to be a witch. While Corvus was able to escape, he was emotionally devastated by his mother death and during the emotional trauma he experienced, he underwent a mass power surge where he managed to bind his mother's soul to the Chain of Nekros.

In a sense, now returned to life, Ravenna still looks after her son - though more protectively now after her murder - and continues to teach him necromancy. Corvus, in turn, is loving and loyal to his mother, but also protective as he does not want the Chain to be taken away from him if others were to learn of its abilities.

As Corvus travels on his own, Ravenna, as the Chain, protects him from harm while also tutoring and training him to master his powers. While others cannot understand Ravenna, Corvus is able to communicate with her through the essence of her soul.


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