Colton Blackthorn is a professor at Beacon Academy. He is also the father of Delilah North of Team CRLN, Jade Everett and Erek Kyanos of Team JADE.

In his youth, Colton was very promiscuous and used his Huntsman status to charm many women into bed. Because of his careless and wild lifestyle, he ended up fathering many children, but never stuck around long enough to even see them be born. However, Colton now greatly regrets his careless lifestyle and seeks to find the children he fathered in order to make amends.

To his surprise, two of the children, Jade Everett and Erek Kyanos, enrolled in Beacon Academy to become Huntsmen and find their father without knowing that their father was one of their professors.. Two years later, another one of his children, Delilah North, managed to track him down. Like with Jade and Erek, he offered her enrollment in Beacon and actively tries to be part of his children's lives.


  • Colton is an English name meaning "from the coal or dark town".

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