Quetzalcoatl Mythos (クウエットザルクオアットル・ミーソス Kuuettozarukuoattoru Miisosu), commonly referred to as Coco (コーコー Kookoo), is a Sonic: Next Generation character. She is the future daughter of fan character Ghost the Rainbow Serpent and canon character Wave the Swallow. She is an anthropomorphic 13 year old feathered serpent. She inherited her father's brightly colored skin, but is instead covered with feathers, a trait she inherited from her avian mother.

Prior to her birth, Wave had been attempting to turn over a new leaf from her life of crime after leaving the Babylon Rouges, realizing that Jet and Storm were merely holding her back. Despite Ghost's help, Wave found herself slipping back into her old ways and left him. When she discovered she was pregnant, she left her daughter with Ghost, not wanting their child to wind up like her.


  • Coco is named after the Mesoamerican deity, the Quetzalcoatl.

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