This page consists of the timeline of events within the story City Shadows in chronological order.

Events before current timelineEdit

Time Description
Unknown time ago The being of light and dark splits into two: Tzan Ren of darkness and evil and Shuo Guang of good and light.
Unknown time ago Shuo Guang creates the 12 Signs.
Unknown time ago Tzan Ren and Hsian Ji meet and fall in love and return to the Demon Netherworld.
Unknown time ago A Chi Wizard creates the 13 Coins in an attempt to replicate Shen Du's talismans.
Unknown time ago Drago is born. His mother flees with him to the future to avoid persecution.
1950s Shuo Guang meets and marries WuShi Kuang.
1970s Arran Kuang is born. Shuo Guang leaves her Signs with Arran.
Late 1970s Tzan Ren kills Shuo Guang and exterminates all Light Demons.
1972 Jasper Reid mentors under WuShi Kuang to become a Chi Wizard.
1984 Lang Yan is sent to Earth by the Demon Sorcerers to learn Chi Wizard secrets.
1986 Drago and his mother arrive from the past.
1986 Lang Yan marries Jasper Reid.
1987 Linos, Timothy Knight, Remington Ryder and his twin brother are born.
1988 Mavis Callahan and Mala Reid are born.
1994 Jasper discovers Lang Yan's identity and banishes her back to the Demon Netherworld.
1995 Mala and Drago meet for the first time and become friends.
1996 Drago's mother passes away and he is taken in by his father, Shen Du.
1998 Remington's parents are killed by demons. He and his brother part ways.
2001 Linos is banished to Earth by Tzan Ren.
2001 Hsian Ji is killed by Tzan Ren.
2001 Linos adopts the alias "Liam" and befriends Tim Knight and Mavis Callahan, the former of whom is aware of his demon identity.
2001-2005 Jasper passes away, leaving Lang Yan's necklace to Mala. Mala subsequently drops out of school and moves to San Francisco. She also gets a job at a jewelry store owned by a man named Patrick.
Spring 2005 Tzan Ren arrives on Earth with the intention of killing Linos, but is banished back to the Demon Netherworld by him, Tim and Mavis. He is killed by Lang Yan.
Late spring 2005 Mavis suffers post traumatic stress after her experience with Tzan Ren, but she does not seek treatment.

Present dayEdit