Arc 1 (The 13 Coins)

Chapter 1: New Student

Mala Reid arrives at her new school in Los Angeles and befriends one of her classmates, Mavis Callahan. When she brings her to meet her other two friends, Timothy Knight and Liam (a demon named Linos in disguise), Liam realizes that Mala is also a demon.

Chapter 2: Throwdown

Upon realizing that their new classmate is a demon, Linos attacks Mala and their ensuing battle causes massive damage to the school. After Mala escapes, Tim hacks into the school's computer system to track her down. Mavis remains convinced that Mala is not an evil demon like Linos thinks and the two parties reach a truce.

Chapter 3: Closed for Repairs

With school closed to repair the damage caused by Mala and Linos' fight, Mavis, Tim and Liam arrive at Mala's to learn more about each other. During the meeting, Mavis shows Mala a mysterious Cat Coin that magically always makes her land on her feet. Mala looks through her books and discovers that Mavis' coin is one in a set of 13 coins created by a Chi Wizard, each with their own power. The four resolve to find and collect all the coins to see what the rest do.

Chapter 4: Callahan's Four

While on a school field trip to the local museum, Liam - who had still been suspicious of Mala - finally makes peace with her and agree to become friends. Mavis spots a coin with a bat sigil within one of the display cases and they deduce that it must be one of the coins. While Tim and Mavis remain outside, Mala and Linos utilize their powers to break into the museum and retrieve the Coin. However, Daolon Wong, a Dark Chi Wizard, arrives also seeking the Coins. Linos attempts to use the Coin in battle again Daolon Wong, but discovers that it does nothing for him. After securing the Coin, Mala deduces it's power to be sonic screaming and super hearing (which explains why Linos could not use it since he already had those powers). Realizing that they could run into Daolon Wong again, Mala decides to train Tim to become a Chi Wizard.

Chapter 5: The Hunter and the Master

After watching a movie, the group cuts through an alley only to be ambushed by local thugs, whom Mala and Linos easily dispatch with the use of their powers. However, this alerts a demon hunter, Remington Ryder, who attacks them and injures Linos. The next day, they travel to a Chinese herbal store to procure ingredients for a healing spell and meet the store's proprietor Old Man Kuang, who happens to be the former master of Mala's father, Jasper Reid. Realizing that a demon hunter is now after them, the group decides to be more cautious of their movements.

Chapter 6: Raven's Trinket

Tim tracks the next Coin to a local park in the possession of a raven. They encounter Daolon Wong and during the scuffle, the raven activates the Coin's power and zooms across the city. They pursue the Coin, but Mala breaks off to engage the demon hunter, Remington, who had followed them. She tries to tell him that while she is a demon, she is also human, but Remington does not believe her claims. She is able to defeat Remington before rejoining her friends who have cornered the raven. Daolon Wong catches up to them and Mavis falls off the tall building. However, she ends up activating the Coin she took from the raven, giving her the power of flight and super speed and uses it to defeat Wong.

Chapter 7: One of a Kind

After losing the next Coin to Daolon Wong, the group gets infected by a poisonous gas courtesy of a scorpion demon summoned by Daolon Wong. Unable to do anything to help themselves, Pearl, Mala's guardian construct, leads her other constructs on an assault against Daolon Wong. During the battle, Pearl succeeds in retaking the Winged Unicorn Coin. Pearl uses the Coin's purification powers to heal Mala and the others and Mala realizes that she still has much to learn about her constructs.

Chapter 8: Callahan's Five

Back at school, Mala and Liam have some of the school's cafeteria meatloaf, against Mavis' advice, and become violently ill. Unable to cure them because Mavis' pet bearded dragon, Phineas, swallowed the Winged Unicorn Coin, Mavis and Tim are forced to go after the next Coin on their own. However, Mala and Liam give Tim and Mavis a portion of their Chi to aid them against Daolon Wong. They arrive at the same museum they took the Bat Coin from and battle Daolon Wong, narrowly defeating him with the use of their friends' Demon Chi. After Mala and Liam recover from their stomach bug, Mala is shocked to discover that Drago has returned.

Chapter 9: Swimming with the Fishes

While Kuang gives the group access to the workshop in his store, Mala refuses to forgive or accept Drago despite the fact that he stated he has changed. The group later travels to an aquarium to find the latest Coin, but discover that it was a trap set by the hunter. While Mala and Mavis battle the hunter, Linos and Tim move to secure the Coin, but lose it to Daolon Wong. Drago arrives at the aquarium, narrowly saving Mala from the hunter, but she still refuses to forgive him.

Chapter 10: Animal House

Drago, having now joined their school, accompanies the group to a school field trip to the zoo. Unlike Mala, Linos sympathizes with Drago since he knows what it's like to grow up with a cruel, demon father and tries to convince her that Drago is not lying because his aura is blue. As Linos explains to Mavis and Tim, aura is a radiation that humans and demons emit that can be read by Demon Sorcerers and Chi Wizards to determine if an individual is good (blue aura) or evil (red aura). Despite this, Mala is still determined not to forgive him, though Mavis comments that Mala may still be in love with him. Suddenly, the group is alerted to the presence of two Coins, forcing them to split up. Though Mala, Mavis and Tim secure the Bear Coin from Daolon Wong, Wong takes advantage of the hunter's arrival to take the Chameleon Coin while Drago and Linos are distracted.

Chapter 11: Sewer Gators

The group enters the sewers to track the next Coin, but split up upon finding Daolon Wong present as well. Mala, however, encounters her mother Lang Yan seemingly free from the Netherworld. During their battle, Mala hears a voice in her head that she recognizes as her mother's, telling her that she is simply trapped within an illusion. Mala is able to break free of the illusion and helps Drago break out of an illusion of his father, Shen Du. Drago angrily asks why Mala has not forgiven him and asks what he needs to do to earn her forgiveness, but Mala assures him that there is nothing he can do and that she will never forgive him. Before they can continue, they rush off to help Linos, Mavis and Tim, all three of whom are trapped in an illusion of Tzan Ren, Linos' father. Though they are now free of the illusions, Daolon Wong is long gone with the Fox Coin, which he used to conjure illusions in order to cover his escape. Before the group retreats for the night, Linos suggests officially adding Drago to the group, which they - except for Mala agree to - and Linos promises to be there for Mavis, who had experienced a brief panic attack at the sight of Tzan Ren, which brought back previous trauma to mind.

Chapter 12: The Easiest Mission in the World

While at a comic book store, the group notices the Tortoise Coin in the possession of a coin collector named Barry Lewis. Despite them not having anything to trade in exchange, Barry agrees to give them the Coin on the condition that he gets to go on a date with both Mavis and Mala, the latter of whom reluctant agreed to. Drago and Liam, out of a shared concern for the girls, decide to follow them. During the night, the two bond and Drago thanks Liam for giving him a chance. Liam responds this is because he understands the hardships he had to face growing up and empathizes with him. When Daolon Wong appears to take the Coin, Drago and Linos are able to defeat him without letting Mavis and Mala realize what has happened, allowing them to finish their date with Barry uninterrupted and get the Tortoise Coin.

Chapter 13: No Powers!

On a school ski trip, the group discovers that the next Coin is embedded in a trophy for a ski competition. Mavis, Liam and Drago enter the competition in an attempt to win the trophy, but ultimately fail. Meanwhile, Tim and Mala discover the hunter, Remington, at the ski lodge and attempt to talk with him and convince him to leave them alone. After this, Mala uses her invisibility to quietly secure the Jellyfish Coin.

Chapter 14: Double Storm

Los Angeles is hit with a case of a thick snowstorm and a raging thunderstorm that could tear the entire city apart. Mala confronts Liam over his siding with Drago, but Liam argues that if nobody gives Drago a chance, he'll wind up worse than before. Realizing that two Coins are responsible for the storms, the group splits up. As Mala and Drago go after the Dragon Coin, they are ambushed by Remington. As he prepares to finish Mala off with his demon hunter blood, Drago intercepts his attack and is critically injured. However, Mala is able to escape with Drago and the Dragon Coin. Meanwhile, Mavis succeeds in acquiring the Wolf Coin while Linos and Tim deal with Daolon Wong. After Kuang treats Drago's wounds, Mala confesses to Liam that he was right about everything he said earlier and that she still has feelings for Drago. However, she can't bring herself to forgive him just yet.

Chapter 15: Unlikely Partnership

When the group discovers what may be a fourteenth Coin, they head off to investigate. However, it turns out to be a trap set by Remington, only Mavis and Tim end up getting caught in it and sucked through a portal to the Demon Netherworld. Though angered at Remington for endangering his friends, Linos is convinced by Mala not to kill him and she convinces Remy to help them rescue Tim and Mavis. While Mala constructs a spell to open a portal of her own, Drago stays behind to protect her if any demons come through while Linos and Remington travel through the portal to find Tim and Mavis. Meanwhile, Tim and Mavis are saved from Hsi Wu by Lang Yan, who, to their surprise, helps them reunite with Linos and Remy. Remy is momentarily separated from the group, but Linos goes back for him, an act which ultimately convinces him that not all demons are evil. Despite the groups' success, Daolon takes advantage of their absence and steals all the Coins from Kuang's shop.

Chapter 16: Shadow Strikers

Daolon Wong has seized all 13 Coins, so the Shadow Strikers band together to take them back and stop him for good. Remington unexpectedly arrives and offers his assistance to make up for all the hardships he had caused them earlier. Having discovered a large magical energy source, Remington devises a plan for them to split up and confront Daolon Wong, however, his possession of all 13 Coins ultimately allows him to overpower and subdue them. However, by a stroke of luck, Phineas, Mavis' pet bearded dragon, bites Daolon Wong and he temporarily loses the Coins. The Shadow Strikers take advantage of this and seize the Coins, forcing Daolon Wong to retreat.

Chapter 17: Who Let the Demons Out?

After helping Kuang clean up his shop following Wong's attack, they get ready for the school's Winter Formal. Along the way, they meet Remington, who asks to speak to Mala privately. Remington thanks Mala for having always had faith in him and that he came to say his goodbyes, feeling that he has done everything he can in the city and that they have it well protected. Mala however, accuses him of leaving because he feels guilty for causing them so much trouble. Remy admits that he does feel guilty and is certain that had he not met them, he would have gotten himself killed in foolish arrogance. Mala ultimately is able to convince him to stay and join in on the celebrations. After this, Drago tells Mala that even if she never forgives him, he will always be there for her and wants her to be happy even if it isn't with him. However, Mala cuts him off and admits that she still loves him and thinks she's finally ready to forgive him. They confess their love for each other and kiss before returning to the celebration. Meanwhile, Daolon Wong, embarrassed by his defeat, opens a portal to the Demon Netherworld in order to summon demons to help him exact his revenge. However, the four demons he frees abandon him and he is then crystallized by Lang Yan, who also comes through the portal.

Arc 2 (Demon Quartet)

Chapter 1: A New Year

As the Shadow Strikers begin their new school year, Remington joins their class. During the school's Parent's Day, the group is surprised by the arrival of Lang Yan, Mala's Demon Sorceress mother. Though immediately suspicious of her presence and intentions, they agree not to fight so as to prevent the exposure of demons. Lang Yan arrives later at Mala's apartment and informs the group that Daolon Wong released four Demon Sorcerers as well as herself. They mostly doubt her claims, but Lang Yan admits she doesn't care if they believe her and she has done her part. However, before she leaves, Liam presses her for more information and Lang Yan reveals their identities. While Drago and Mala explain who Tai Ci, Sen Qiang and Liao She are, Liam recounts his own traumatic childhood experience with the final Demon Sorcerer, Dong Xin. The group agrees that even if Lang Yan is lying, they cannot take the risk and should prepare to fight these demons. As Lang Yan leaves, Tim and Mavis ask if she can just tell them if they already win, given Lang Yan's ability to see the future. However, Lang Yan answers that just telling them if they succeed wouldn't be fun.

Chapter 2: Mothers Knows Best

When the tenants of Kuang's building are moving out, Linos, Drago and Remy decide to move in and live together since they all need new places to live. When Mala arrives home, she discovers her mother, Lang Yan already there. Though cautious, she agrees to one dinner with her mother. During the dinner, Mala asks her mother if she and her father ever meant anything to her during her charade. Though Lang Yan does not provide a definite answer, she apologizes to Mala for what she had to go through. Additionally, Lang Yan reveals that although she can see the past, present and future of anyone and anything, she cannot see Mala's future. Later that night, Lang Yan tracks down Tai Ci and reveals to him his downfall at the hands of the Shadow Strikers, prompting the Sun Demon Sorcerer to take off after them.

Chapter 3: School Tradition

While Mala discusses the dinner with her mother last night, Liam suggests that the reason Lang Yan cannot see Mala's future may be because Mala also has the same power. While Mala continues to deny this, Tai Ci suddenly attacks them at school. While Linos, Mala, Drago and Remy battle Tai Ci, Mavis and Tim travel to Kuang's to prepare the banishment spell. When they arrive, Tim's spell fails for unknown reasons and their fight with Tai Ci recommences.

Chapter 4: Sunset

With Tim's spell a failure, Tai Ci resumes his attack only to be stopped by Lang Yan. Tai Ci calls her a traitor since she helped him earlier and attacks him now. Tim realizes the mistake he made and is able to successfully banish Tai Ci. When asked, Tim explains that Tai Ci's object of banishment was a compass. He had assumed it meant a navigational compass, but when that did not work, it must have meant a drafting compass. Mala confronts Lang Yan over telling Tai Ci about them, to which she replies she simply baited Tai Ci to make their encounter with him easier in the long run.

Chapter 5: Substitute

The Shadow Strikers meet their substitute biology teacher, Ms. Forest, but something doesn't seem right about her. In fact, Ms. Forest is actually Sen Qiang in disguise. Informed by Lang Yan of the Shadow Strikers, she took on a human appearance and infiltrated their school in order to identify them. She regroups with her twin sister, Liao She, as they plan their next move.

Chapter 6: Haircut

During a school field trip to the Arboretum botanical gardens organized by Ms. Forest, she takes Liam, Mala and Drago aside and reveals her true nature. As she subdues them, she tries and fails to get Linos to change side before leaving them for Liao to finish off later with her poison. However, when she goes to finish off Mavis, Tim and Remy, she accidentally comes in contact with Remy's blood, exposing her true demon nature in the process. With Mala, Drago and Liam unable to fight, Remy manages to hold Sen on his own, taking advantage of her vanity and obsession with her hair, allowing Tim to banish her. Later that night, Liao finally arrives, but discovers too late that her sister had been banished. Angered, she swears revenge on the Shadow Strikers.

Chapter 7: A Sister's Revenge

Knowing that Liao may come after them for revenge, the group acquires a pungi, Liao's object of banishment, from Kuang's shop. When they arrive at school, they discover Liao attacking in search for them. Despite their efforts to contain her, Liao proves to be too powerful with her poison powers and even destroys the pungi. As she prepares to execute Mala with her Wan Du Ye poison, which is now ready, something interrupts her.

Chapter 8: A Mother's Love

Before Liao can execute Mala, Lang Yan suddenly appears, taking Liao's attack and much to Liao's shock. Despite being poisoned, Lang puts up a good fight and even manages to crystallize and destroy Liao's tail, destroying the Wan Du Ye forever. However, she eventually succumbs to the poison as Linos and Drago re-engage Liao. Mala, shocked over her mother's sacrifice, comforts her mother. Before she dies, Lang confesses that she's always loved Mala and everything she did was to protect her, gives Mala her crystal ball saying that it will answer all her questions and that a great darkness would return and that if they were to stop it, they would need to find someone called "The Archer/The Light-Bringer". As Lang Yan dies, Liao turns to strike Mala again, who instantly reacts and crystallizes Liao's body. Mavis uses the Jellyfish Coin to repair the pungi and Tim completes the spell to banish her. With the battle over, Mala returns to Lang Yan's body and cries over her mother.

Chapter 9: Question and Answer

As Mala grieves over the death of her mother, she uses her mother's crystal ball and her mind is teleported into its depths where she meets a shadow of her mother. The shadow explains that Lang Yan always cared for Mala and simply feigned her manipulative persona in order to better earn Mala's trust - reasoning that Mala would believe her even less had she been sincere and honest. Upon seeing that Mala would be the one to be killed by Sen Qiang, Lang Yan intervened and substituted her life instead. Additionally, it reveals that, as a child, Mala accidentally absorbed lingering remnants of Lang Yan's Chi that clung to the necklace her father had used in the banishment spell. This not only amplified Mala's own Crystal Chi, but also granted her the same crystallomancy her mother possessed.

Chapter 10: The Winter Heart

Dong Xin, aware of the failure of the other Demon Sorcerers, beings to travel around the world placing large ice pillars at various landmarks and major cities. Before the Shadow Strikers can formulate a plan, a large ice bird of Dong Xin's creation appears and kidnaps Linos despite Mala's attempts to save him. The others remain baffled at Dong Xin's ability to create living constructs - something that is impossible for normal Demon Sorcerers - but Mala assures them that she can track Dong Xin through her crystal ball.

Chapter 11: Living Ice

As Linos tries his best to evade Dong Xin, who is intent on finishing the hunt they started long ago, Dong Xin feels Mala's attempts to locate him and retaliates. Worried for her safety, Drago refuses to allow Mala to use the crystal ball again and instead opts for alternate methods of tracking him. The group reasons that the only way Dong Xin can create living constructs is due to some kind of power amplification that is enhancing his abilities. Pressed for time, Mala again tries to locate him with her crystal ball and succeeds; Dong Xin is located in the Arctic. Mala also reveals her fourth living construct, a large dragon, that she has carry them to the Arctic to rescue their friend and stop Dong Xin. However, they are besieged by ice birds and Mala remains behind to allow the others time to get ahead. After she is taken down by the birds, a mysterious, ghostly white wolf finds her in the snow.

Chapter 12: Shattered

Mala awakens to find a white wolf with bright red eyes over her, whom she believes to be the astral form of her deceased mother. However, the wolf says nothing and leaves her the hammer required for the banishment spell. Mala arrives in time to help her friends free Linos and fight Dong Xin, but even with her ability to control ice - due to it having a crystalline structure - Dong Xin is far superior. While he is distracted activating his ice pillars to initiate a global ice age, Drago uses his heat vision to free everyone and they are able to banish Dong Xin before escaping as his ice palace crumbles.

Chapter 13: The Twin Fish

As everything returns to normal, the Shadow Strikers discover a strange magical artifact imbedded in Dong Xin's staff which they acquired after defeating him. After examining it, they determine that it represents Pisces and was what was amplifying Dong Xin's powers to the point where he could create living constructs. As they resolve to find the other eleven of the Greek zodiac, a dark shadow forms in the Demon Netherworld and summons twin demon dogs Hei Gou and An Gou to gather the Shadow Legion.

Arc 3 (The 12 Signs and the Shadow Legion)

Chapter 1: Under New Management

As the Shadow Strikers start enjoying their summer vacation, they discover that Kuang has decided to retire and sell his store to his son, Arran, who wants to convert the space into a restaurant. Meanwhile in the Demon Netherworld, three demons named Hou Yi, Jun Bing and Wei Gong are summoned by Hei Gou and An Gou to reform the Shadow Legion under an ominous figure. The figure declares his intentions to conquer Earth, but requires the 12 Signs in order to regain his strength. Sensing the presence of many at once, he sends Hou Yi and Hei and An to acquire them.

Chapter 2: The Archer

Liam, Mavis, Tim and Remy are attacked by Hou Yi, Hei and An and even Mala and Drago's arrival does little to help them. Liam, recognizing Hou Yi, asks why she is here and she admits that the Shadow Legion has reformed, but does not reveal under whom. Instead, she interrogates him on the location of the Signs, but Liam claims not to know what she's talking about. Suddenly, Arran appears and reveals himself to be a light demon, easily fighting off Hou Yi's dark arrows and forcing them to retreat.

Chapter 3: Light and Dark

Back at Kuang's store, Arran explains that long ago, there was a single being of light and dark that split into two beings: Tzan Ren of darkness and Shuo Guang of light. Shuo Guang was the original creator of the Signs based on the Greek zodiac, as well as Arran's mother, making him and Liam cousins. Arran continues by explaining that prior to his mother's death at the hands of Tzan Ren - who obliterated her with the powers of pure darkness, which destroyed her astral form as well - Shuo left Arran with the 12 Signs which he guarded until a group of demons - the Demon Quartet - attacked him. Outnumbered and outmatched, Arran had no choice but to scatter the Signs across the globe with his portal creation abilities. In the time since then, Arran has been able to track down three on his own, at which point the Shadow Strikers turn over the Pisces Sign they acquired from Dong Xin to him. They then offer to help Arran find the rest of the Signs while also working together to stop the Shadow Legion, who is being led by none other than Tzan Ren, who has returned in astral form. Intrigued by Hou Yi's reports of a light demon, Tzan Ren sends Jun to acquire the next Sign as well as confirm the light demon's existence.

Chapter 4: Girl Talk

Mavis confesses her insecurities and growing feelings for Liam to Mala, who decides to plot in order to get them together.

Chapter 5: Thousand Star Breaker

Arran tracks the Taurus Sign to Spain where Linos and Drago are able to use their powers to save people from a burning building caused by Hei and An. While the group tracks down the pair of hounds, who have the Sign, Remy finds himself in a duel with Jun Bing.

Chapter 6: Night Terror

Liam experiences nightmares of his mother's death and taunts from his father, but keeps this from her friends. While Arran tracks the Leo Sign to Africa, he offers Liam some advice regarding his nightmares, but Liam still keeps the true nature of them secret. Whilst battling Hou Yi and her rangers, Linos is troubled by sudden visions of his father and mother. Despite this, the group is victorious in acquiring the Sign. For her failure, Tzan Ren demotes Hou Yi and puts Jun Bing in charge of her training.

Chapter 7: Callahan Family Reunion

Mavis takes her friends to Ireland for her family reunion. While meeting her eccentric family, Liam suddenly develops thermal and x-ray vision, leading the group to question whether the children of Demon Sorcerers can also inherit their secondary set of powers. Liam vows to master this new power and learn more about it. During a late night campout with Mavis' uncle, Seamus, a banshee suddenly emerges from the lake and attacks them.

Chapter 8: The Curse of the Banshee

The banshee rampages while the Shadow Strikers try to contain it. Realizing it was awakened and is empowered by the Aquarius Sign, they try to overpower the banshee, but it's combination of the Aquarius' water powers and sonic screaming leaves Mala and Drago useless. Mavis is able to deduce that the banshee is none other than the ghost of her ancestor Onora Callahan. They are able to convince her that her husband did not actually die in the war like she thought and her spirit is able to rest. However, Hou Yi and Jun Bing come in at the last second to steal the Sign away from them.

Chapter 9: A Test of Balance

In flashback, a young and wandering Jun joins the Shadow Legion, much to the envy of Hou Yi. Later the two commanders travel to Rome in search for the next Sign. Jun however, takes this chance to draw Remy aside for another duel. Mavis and Tim are able to find the Aries Sign, but Mavis ends up losing it to Hou Yi when she tries to use its power without knowing what it is. Hou Yi returns to the Netherworld and leaves Jun behind, reporting to Tzan Ren that he is dead.

Chapter 10: Danger Zone

Mala struggles with her crystallomancy training and has a troubling vision of the future, in which Linos dies. Elsewhere, Mavis and her brothers are attacked in their home by Hou Yi. They manage to escape but Hou Yi gives pursuit. The others arrive in time to rescue the Callahans and Jun pulls Hou Yi aside to return to the Netherworld. Mavis is forced to reveal the truth about her demon friends and their exploits to her brothers, though Sean confesses he had known for some time already.

Chapter 11: Warlords

The Strikers travel to a palace in China where the Cancer Sign is located on an ancient suit of armor. When they return at night, they run into Jun and Hou Yi. The presence of so many demons causes the spirit of the palace's ancient warlord to awaken in his suit of armor and attack. When the Cancer Sign's power is activated, Jun and Hou Yi retreat. Though the armor nearly overpowers them, Arran exposes the armor's weak point, allowing them to defeat the armor and claim the Cancer Sign.

Chapter 12: Seeing Double

All across Europe a series of bizarre break ins are occurring in which nothing is stolen, leading Arran to believe that the thief is using the Gemini Sign, which can create perfect duplications of anything. They travel to the Louvre in Paris, where they believe the thief will strike next. The manage to capture the thief and take back the Sign with ease, but end up losing it to Hou Yi.

Chapter 13: Different Paths Part 1

Remy is shocked by the surprise arrival of his twin brother Reginald Ryder. The two have been estranged since the deaths of their parents because Reggie did not believe demons existed and considered the rest of his family crazy. Reggie tries and fails to convince Remy to give up his life as a hunter, but is later captured by Jun and Hou Yi. Remy receives a letter from Jun and rushes off to rescue his brother.

Chapter 14: Different Paths Part 2

Reggie is shocked to learn that demons are indeed real and begins to feel guilt at having been so cruel to his family all this time. Remy arrives to rescue his brother and fights Jun. However, Hou Yi grows impatient with their battle and begins interfering, forcing Remy and Jun to temporarily team up. Reggie is able to escape his bonds and he and Remy flee. Later, Remy confesses that part of the reason he kept pushing Reggie away was out of a desire to protect him from demons since he was ill-suited to fight them. The brothers make amends before partings ways once more, but Reggie promises to visit again.

Chapter 15: SPACE!

Arran announces that the next Sign has somehow appeared on the moon, meaning that Remy, Tim and Mavis will be unable to go since they cannot survive in the vacuum of space. When they arrive, they are confronted by not only Hou Yi and Jun, but also Wei Gong. A three-way battle ensues, during which Linos finds the Scorpio Sign and uses it to gain the upperhand on Wei.

Chapter 16: Siege of Los Angeles

The Shadow Legion suddenly begins invading Los Angeles and rounding up humans. Wei Gong appears, ready to level the city as a display of the Legion's powers. Linos, Arran, Mala and Drago combine their efforts to defeat Wei, but even decapitation does not work. Linos realizes with his True Sight that Wei's weak point is his chest. When they attack it, Wei's golem body breaks down and a tiny shadow imp crawls out of the rubble, revealed to be the real Wei, whom Arran finishes off easily.

Chapter 17: The Better Archer

As the Strikers advance to the shadow dome in the city, they are confronted by Hou Yi, who explains that only one may fight her and that only when she falls will their path onward be opened. Arran steps up to fight her and despite her use of both the Aries and Gemini Sign, Arran's light magic and versatile use of his own Signs overpowers her. As she lays dying, Arran tries to console and redeem her, but Hou Yi is disgusted by his goodness and that he even things there is good in her. She looks up at the moon in content before succumbing to her wounds and dying.

Chapter 18: Falling Stars

Remy steps up to face Jun in battle and just narrowly makes a fatal strike on Jun, who suddenly surrenders. Though Remy is shocked, Jun explains that as a demon born from the warrior's spirit, Jun has only ever fought his entire life. However, after centuries and centuries of fighting, he has grown tired and wanted to stop but Jun's honor demands that he only lay down his sword when he is defeated by a truly superior warrior. Jun thanks Remy for giving him peace and gives Remy his star sword before fading away. When coming up to the final barrier, the group finds that they are unable to enter and that only shadow demons can pass through it. Despite learning of Mala's vision of his death, Linos enters the barrier to face his father.

Chapter 19: Father and Son

Tzan Ren uses the Virgo Sign to restore his body before engaging Linos in battle. Tzan Ren explains his second ability, Shadow Thief, and how it has allowed him to steal Demon Chi from other Sorcerers and infuse his Shadow Chi into it, turning their powers into a corrupted shadow version of itself. He draws Hei Gou and An Gou into his body, transforming himself into a large cerberus-like monster. Linos puts up a good fight but is quickly overpowered. Suddenly, An Gou attempts to fight back so Tzan Ren has Hei Gou restrain her before summoning a shadowy spectre Hsian Ji.

Chapter 20: Songbird

Shocked over the fate that has befallen his mother, Linos finds himself unable to fight against her. Tzan Ren explains that after killing her, he extracted her astral form and infused his Shadow Demon Chi into it. Recalling a memory where she rescued her son from Dong Xin, Hsian Ji tries to fight against Tzan Ren's control. Using the Virgo Sign, Linos completely obliterates the Shadow Chi from her body, restoring her to her true - albeit weakened - astral form.

Chapter 21: Pierce the Darkness

Vowing to protect his mother, Linos engages Tzan Ren in a final battle. With help from Remy, who throws a sword covered in his blood into the barrier, Linos is able to critically injure his father. Though Tzan Ren easily destroys the sword and overpowers Linos, Linos is able to stab his father in the eye, freeing An Gou from his control as well. With her back on his side, Linos sends her to Arran with the Virgo Sign. Upon receiving the final Sign, Linos - using his Sound Chi to amplify his voice - tells Arran to act on their promise. Arran reveals that Linos predicted that in the end it would come down to him and his father and that if there was no other choice, Arran would take them both out. Though his friends protest, Arran carries through and fires an arrow of pure light after Linos confesses his feelings for Mavis. Arran's pure light arrow completely eradicates the shadow demons. While exploring the aftermath, they discover that Linos apparently survived the arrow, despite having been hit directly in the chest. Arran explains that pure light only affects beings of pure shadow, of which Linos technically is not.

In the Demon Netherworld, Shen Du is approached by his father Mo Wang the Demon King in finding the eight keys that lock the vault he is sealed in. Shen Du decides to recruit his other son to help them.

Arc 4 (Keys of the Demon King)


Renita Ryder prevents Dragen from stealing an unknown artifact.

Chapter 1: The Other One

A museum in Los Angeles is attacked by Dragen, who seeks an ancient dagger for unknown reasons. Drago is shocked to learn that Dragen is in fact his older, full-demon, half-brother. Before Dragen can take the artifact, Renita arrives and fights him off and reveals herself as Remy's cousin.

Chapter 2: The Demon King

Renita explains the origins of the Keys of the Demon King and that Dragen is searching for them to unlock the magical vault that has sealed the Demon King, Mo Wang, for centuries. The dagger Dragen was after in the museum was in fact the Mountain Key.

Chapter 3: Inferior

Drago is able to locate the Moon Key at the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Xi'an. Dragen appears and uses his powers of animation to bring to life the Terracotta soldiers and brass qilin statues. Drago and Renita's failure to work together allows Dragen to escape with the key.

Chapter 4: Harsh Mistress

The Strikers track the Water Key to Loch Ness, where it is guarded by the very real Loch Ness Monster. Dragen arrives and attacks the beast, but thanks to the Strikers, Nessie is able to repel Dragen and bestows the Water Key she was protecting unto them.

Chapter 5: Eruption

Everyone travels to Kohala in Hawaii, an extinct volcano that houses the Fire Key, moved there after the key caused the disastrous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. Dragen uses the key's power to reignite the volcano, forcing the Strikers - all but Drago - to flee. As the two battle, Dragen points out that all his life, Drago has always changed himself to please others. Dragen easily gains the upperhand and before escaping, uses the key to return the volcano to an extinct state. He remarks he only did so to ensure he could finish off Drago himself. When delivering the key to Shen Du, the latter demon criticizes Dragen for his lack of drive and motivation, making Dragen determined to prove himself superior to Drago.

Chapter 6: Less One

After a disastrous encounter at Ayers Rock for the Earth Key, Drago decides to leave the Strikers for a while and do some soul searching. Mala is hurt that didn't want to talk to her about his problems and was planning on leaving without so much as a goodbye, putting their future of their relationship in question.

Chapter 7: Figured Out

A battle breaks out between Mala and Dragen at Chichen Itza over the Sky Key. However, Dragen seems more interested in Mala, while she learns something startling about Dragen that he didn't even know about himself. When she accidentally triggers telepathic abilities, Mala learns that Dragen is secretly jealous of Drago, a thought that spirals Dragen into a rage.

Chapter 8: A Lesson From A Wolf

Drago feels lost and unsure what path he should take. Thankfully, an old friend from the past arrives to help guide him. Lang Yan appears in her astral form in an effort to guide Drago back to his path. She cites her own past experiences with the prospects of change, such as her relationship with Jasper and ultimate betrayal by her own demon army, the Crystal Horde.

Chapter 9: Spark

Mala and Dragen battle in Tornado Alley for the Wind Key. When Dragen gets the upperhand, Drago suddenly returns and is able to defeat his brother with his newly created Demon Weapon!

Chapter 10: Everlasting Storm

The final clash is over the Thunder Key in an area known for having the "everlasting storm". Though the Strikers gain the upperhand, the tables turn when Shen Du makes a sudden appearance and takes the key.

Chapter 11: The Next Move

With all the Keys found, the Strikers wonder what to do next beyond playing defensive. Meanwhile, Shen Du recruits Daolon Wong to enact a restoration chi spell, for which he has Dragen gather the ingredients. Dragen's thieving activities alert the Strikers, who deduce their plan and resolve to attack. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, Dragen awaits them. Ren stays behind to fight him while the others continue ahead.

Chapter 12: The Slayer and the Dragon

Dragen and Renita battle one final time. Despite Dragen's strength, Renita is able to match him with her equipment and crafty planning. During the course of the battle, Ren tries to appeal to Dragen's good side as a favor to Drago, who believes his brother can be redeemed. She cites her own experience with desperately trying to please unloving parents who eventually abandoned her before she was adopted by the Ryders. When her explosives accidentally detonate, the force causes Dragen to accidentally and fatally stab Renita with the Water Key.

Chapter 13: Confrontation

The Strikers discover Shen Du's next plot and race against the clock to prevent it and the release of the Demon King. As they fight him and hordes of demons off, Lang Yan and Hsian Ji are successfully resurrected.

Chapter 14: Resurrection

Despite their best efforts, Lang Yan and Hsian Ji are no match for Shen Du due to the pair not being at full strength post-resurrection. However, Dragen returns and confronts Shen Du over being a terrible father. He reveals to Drago the fate of two older siblings Tiamat and Pythios, whom Shen Du discarded once they outlived their usefulness. Dragen and Drago team up to overpower Shen Du and successfully use the keys to open the vault and trap him inside with Mo Wang.

Chapter 15: Downtime

The Strikers are finally enjoying some much deserved downtime, but it and their secret identities may be compromised when the school is invaded by a squad of dangerous demon hunters.

Chapter 16: New Recruits

Linos, Mala and Drago are forced to reveal themselves to the hunters in order to save Remy's life. Though they are able to defeat the invading slayers, the group is ambushed by Section 13. To their surprise, however, Section 13 and Captain Black want to recruit them.


Six months later, Renita's new assignment brings up painful memories. Dragen joins her as she faces her past as "Prudence Kingsley" and the lingering hatred towards her parents for abandoning her.

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