City Shadows is a Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction and the sequel to The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree and Two Sides of the Same Coin. It is not associated with the official Jackie Chan Adventures series created by John Rogers. It was published on on January 7, 2014.


Arc 1: 13 Coins

Following the events in San Francisco, Mala Reid leaves the city for Los Angeles, where she decides to start over and go back to school. She befriends her classmates, Liam, Mavis and Tim, but discovers that Liam is actually a demon! These 4 teens must unite if they are to face a Dark Chi Wizard and demon hunter all while collecting 13 mystical coins.

Arc 2: Demon Quartet

Daolon Wong's revenge leads to the release of four Demon Sorcerers on Earth and it's up to the Shadow Strikers to stop them.

Arc 3: 12 Signs and the Shadow Legion

The Shadow Legion, a dreaded army of shadow demons, set their sights on Earth. But with Tzan Ren dead, who is controlling them now? To make matters worse, their leader is determined to gather the 12 Signs, mysterious objects of power. If the Shadow Strikers hope to stop the Legion, they must find someone called the "Light-Bringer".

Arc 4: Keys of the Demon King

It's senior year and the Strikers must stop a newly returned Shen Du from locating eight mystical keys that unlock an ancient vault that has held the Demon King imprisoned since ancient times. Joining them is Remy's no-nonsense cousin Renita Ryder while they face a new foe, Dragen, Drago's older brother.

Arc 5

Five years have passed since the Strikers joined Section 13 (now Section 16). When a new commander, Cassandra Fox, arrives to take over Section 16, the Strikers worry about their place under this demon-hating leader with questionable ethics. When they are framed for attacking another Section, the Strikers are forced to go on the run all while tracking down other half-demons that Fox seems intent on finding.


Arc 1

Arc 2

Arc 3

Arc 4

Arc 5

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