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Chloe the Spider
Chloe the Spider

Chloe is the muscle of the Hunter Triad and one of the many daughters of Eris the Spider.

Personal data
Alias Keres
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Mobian wolf spider
Occupation Muscle of the Hunter Triad
Freelance mercenary
Gossamer Clan ninja (former)
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Bloodlines: Empty Wind

This page is comprised of Chloe the Spider's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


Gossamer Clan

Chloe is a former member of the Gossamer Clan of spider ninjas.

Hunter Triad

Chloe is a founding member of the Hunter Triad.


Eris the spider

Eris, Chloe's mother

Eris the Spider

Eris is Chloe's mother. Chloe never met her mother Eris as Eris was no longer a member of the Gossamer Clan and only returned to participate in the mating ritual. After Chloe's egg was laid, Eris left the clan once more. Nearly all her life, Chloe felt an empty space in her life from not knowing her mother or even how she died. She eventually learned that this feeling was shared among two of her sisters, Rhea and Grace and the three decided to search for the truth about their mother's death on their own.

Grace the Spider

Grace, Chloe's sister

Grace the Spider

Grace is one of Chloe's sisters and a fellow member of the Hunter Triad. Though Chloe and Grace have a close relationship as sisters, Chloe is easily bored by Grace's extensive explanations and tech talk, almost all of which Chloe does not or is too lazy to understand. Chloe does get annoyed when Grace tries explaining an extensive plan when Chloe would much rather prefer going in guns blazing. Despite this, Chloe admits that Grace does come up with good plans.

Rhea the Spider

Rhea, Chloe's sister

Rhea the Spider

Rhea is one of Chloe's sisters and a fellow member of the Hunter Triad. Despite their close sisterly bond, Chloe and Rhea are often on edge with each other. Chloe doesn't always like answering to Rhea as the leader and often interprets Rhea's words as demeaning and as insults to her lesser ninjutsu and infiltration skills. Chloe's hot-headed attitude often leads her to boast that she could lead the team better than Rhea. However, through thick and thin, Rhea and Chloe have each other's backs on the battlefield and rely on each other to get the job done.

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