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Chime of Bell

The Chime of Bell

The Chime of Bell is a sacred item to the House of Bell. As the name suggests, it is an actual bell. It has been long sought by Pan the Goat.



Originally belonging to Bell, the Chime was her sacred relic that was passed onto her descendants. However, when the House of Bell was wiped out during the Great Purge the Chime was long lost. According to legends, its sound could bring serenity to any chaos. The power it holds also grants descendants of Bell the ability to bypass the level and numerical summoning limitations, meaning that they can summon any number of Chess Demons regardless of their levels.

Present Day

Pan the Goat, who is revealed to be the sole descendant of the House of Bell, meaning that some may have survived the Great Purge and escaped from the Veil, now seeks the Chime of Bell not only to further his own powers but also because he sees it as a connection to his ancestors and the family he never knew.


  • A chime is a grouping of bells, which is not only a pun to the name of the character, Bell, but also a reference to bells, which were often used in ritual summonings.
  • The Chime's design is based off bronze bells found on Bianzhong.

Mythsetian Relics

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