Chihiro Suzuki is an interpretation of canon character, Shun Kazami's, father. He only appears in the twoshot, Fathers, where he attempted to reconnect with his son after eighteen years.

Physical description

Chihiro is a tall, Japanese man with short black hair and orange eyes.



In his youth, he and Shiori dated for a long time. However, he was afraid of taking chances and never asked her to marry him. When she revealed that she was pregnant, he asked her to get an abortion, out of fear as he did not feel he was ready to be a father. Shiori refused, however, and Chihiro left her. Several years later, he married another woman and had two children, Hiro, age 10, and Ken, age 8.

At some point in his life, he learned that Shiori had given brith to a son and began looking for his son. He finally found him and attempted to restablish a connection with Shun. However, Shun was angry with his return and wanted nothing to do with him and resented Chihiro's absence during his childhood. His attempts to reconnect with his son failed miserably and he learned that Shiori had died five years earlier. Because of the disastrous outcome of the meeting, Chihiro returned home and no longer interacts with Shun, but sends him the annual birthday and Christmas card as well as gifts for his grandchildren.


  • Chihiro Suzuki is named after Shun Kazami's Japanese voice actor.

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