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Chang-O the Rabbit
Crest of Luna
Chang-O the rabbit

Chang is the last living descendant of Luna and the wife of Arka.

Personal data
Nicknames Chang, Cottontail (by Arka)
Age 45
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian-Mobian rabbit
Occupation Head of the House of Luna
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix


Chang is a descendant of Luna and the last member of the House of Luna. The conditions of her childhood are largely unknown, but all her life, Chang had a strange, supernatural sensation that kept pulling her to something, something that she didn't know. She would eventually discover that what this sense was pulling her to was none other than Arka the Eagle, who had a similar sensation that drew him to Chang.

The two fell in love and eventually married and now travel the world together in search of answers for their lost heritage. When she became pregnant, she and Arka initially believed that she was carrying only one child and were shocked to discover that she was carrying twins. They named their son Koray and their daughter Arula.


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