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Chain of Nekros

The Chain of Nekros

The Chain of Nekros is a sacred item to the House of Nekros. It is a mystical chain connected to an old lamp with a faint purple flame glowing in the center. The current holder is Corvus the Crow, who bound it with the soul of his mother Ravenna the Crow.



The Chain originally belonged to Nekros, the founder of the House of Nekros from the Mythsetia Veil. It was eventually passed down to her descendants and currently rests in the hands of Corvus the Crow, the only living descendant of Nekros' bloodline. After the death of his mother, Corvus experienced a power surge brought on by the trauma and wound up binding her soul to the Chain. Now imbued with her soul, the Chain has become sentient, always protecting Corvus and doing her best to communicate with him and complete his training.

The Chain can reach into a person and extract their soul - giving the Chain the power to phase through solid objects - as well as reach into the underworld and retrieve a specific soul of a deceased individual. The Chain is capable of extending itself to near infinite lengths and the spear tip can open into a grappling claw. The lantern is the primary representation of Ravenna's soul and the flame in the center grows when she is angered.


  • The lantern paired with the Chain is meant to emphasize the fact that Ravenna's soul is now bound to it.

Mythsetian Relics

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