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Carey the Caracal
Crest of Arch
Carey the caracal

Carey is a member of the House of Arch.

Personal data
Age 16
Gender Female
Species Mythsetian caracal
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

This page is comprised of Carey the Caracal's relationships with various other characters she interacts with.


House of Arch

Carey is a member of the House of Arch.


Snow the leopard

Snow, Carey's cousin

Snow the Leopard

Carey is particularly close with her cousin, Snow, who shares her preference for close range fighting rather than long rage spellcasting. The two spar with each other nearly everyday. Initially, Snow promised he would not use his magic, so as to keep the match fair, but Carey instead encouraged him to use it and didn't want him to hold back just because she didn't have magic.

Taika the tiger

Taika, Carey's little brother

Taika the Tiger

Taika is Carey' younger brother by seven years. Despite being the only one in her family without any magical abilities, Carey is quite all right with having no supernatural powers and does not display any signs of jealousy. However, she is always determined to prove that she can do just fine without magic. Taika has a habit of trying to use his magic to do something nice for her, though sometimes his intended effects backfire.

Love interest

Jack the Dingo

Jack the Dingo is Carey's future love interest, whom she is set to meet during Bloodlines.


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