Caelan Roth
Caelan emblem

Caelan Roth 2016

Caelan uniform

Caelan dance

Personal data
Title "Crimson"
Age 17
Gender Male
Emblem Caelan emblem
Species Human
Occupation Leader of Team CRLN
Beacon Academy Student
Signal Academy Student (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix and Dingo-Sniper
Blood of crimson red shrouds the night sky in a swarm.



Caelan is the younger brother to Carmen Roth. As a child, his parents constantly praised Carmen's talent and skills and always pushed Caelan to be like her. This developed a deep resentment towards his parents as well as Carmen to the point where Caelan didn't want to do anything Carmen had done. He made an effort to do the opposite of whatever Carmen would do and even scoffed at the idea of becoming a Hunter like Carmen.

His best friend growing up was Hyacintha Litwinovii, his next door neighbor. When they first met, Caelan couldn't pronounce her name properly and mistakenly called her "Cynthia", which he later adopted into his personal pet name for her. The two spent their all their days together and attended Signal Academy. Hyacintha, being a child prodigy, was bumped up two years to join Caelan's year.

At Signal, Caelan forged his Dual Connecting Kama Rifles, Lyra and Spectre, which he uses as his primary weapons.

In their final year at Signal, Hyacintha expressed interest in continuing her studies into Beacon Academy and becoming a Huntress. Caelan, initially against the idea so as not to be like his sister, immediately changed his mind so that he could accompany her to Beacon to both remain close to his best friend as well as protect her from harm.

Beacon Academy

When they arrived, they participated in the Beacon Academy Initiation ceremony. They and the rest of the first year students were launched off the Beacon Cliffs into the Emerald Forest below. When he landed, he began a desperate search for Hyacintha, unwilling to partner up with anyone but her. Kestrel, Hyacintha's mechanical falcon located and led him to her, making them partners. They collected their relic from the forest temple and were paired with Aiden Radcliffe and Delilah North to form Team CRLN, of which Caelan was named leader.


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