Buzzard, commonly referred to as Buzz is an adult, male speed archaeopteryx living in the hollow mountain with the Hattori Clan and Masanari Black Flowers. He often serves as a mount to agents of the MBF for transportation. His body is covered in a dark brown plumage with lighter feathers on his chest and under his tail and his beak is a bright gold with black tip.

Buzzard is an excellent hunter and is very strong. He is rather territorial and protective, easily showing of displays of aggression to frighten off threats. If these do not work, he has no qualms about getting into a fight. In hopes of attracting a mate, he performs aerial displays called "the roller coaster" where he flies high up in the sky, dives down in a spiralling fashion before immediately rising upward to repeat the display.


  • His name derives from the bird of the same name.


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