Bodyguard bronwen

Bunnie as Bronwen

Bronwen (ブローヌイン Buroonuin) is an Arthurian Times version of comics canon character, Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette. She is the bodyguard and best friend of Princess Salima Acorn and Nineve as well as the wife of Sir Antor.


Much like her original counterpart, Bronwen speaks with a heavy southern accent. While she is sweet, loving, optimistic with a natural motherly instinct, Bronwen has a strong sense of courage and justice. She cares very much for her friends and family and always puts their interests ahead of her own. Despite her kind heart and good nature, she can be prone to rage because of her protective nature if one of her friends' safety is threatened.

She is very close and protective of Salima and Nineve.


Since she was little, Bronwen has always been interested in martial arts and went on to be one of the most skilled and only female warriors in the Kingdom of Acorn. She possesses tremendous physical strength and adept fighting skill.


Bronwen was born in the Kingdom of Acorn and was raised in a loving family. Despite the tradition of only males participating in battles, Bronwen ignored this and managed to shock the population by advancing among the ranks. However, she did not become a knight, but instead, the personal bodyguard of Princess Salima Acorn, becoming close friends with her and Nineve in the process. She eventually found love with Sir Antor, a knight of the Kingdom of Acorn and the two married.

She appears in Tales of Knighthood, accompanying Salima and Nineve to Camelot.


  • The armor Bronwen wears is only in places that her official, canon counterpart has been roboticized.

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