Brone the Vulture was an anthropomorphic male Mobian vulture and a powerful crime lord in the Dragon Kingdom. The influence of his empire was powerful and nearly spread across all of Mobius. Tarquin, Deathstalker the Scorpion's father, owed Brone a large sum of money. However, when Tarquin was unable to pay, Brone ordered for Tarquin and his family to be killed. However, Deathstalker survived the massacre and over the course of the next few years trained as an assassin and worked his way into Brone's criminal empire, eventually becoming Brone's personal bodyguard. Deathstalker succeeded in getting his revenge and killed Brone. While his criminal empire suffered a setback with his death, it was eventually picked up by Brone's nephew, Kiernan the Vulture, who slowly began rebuilding the criminal empire using his genius intellect.


  • The name Brone means "sorrow".

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