Brawlers of Tomorrow is the first story of Bakugan: Next Generation. The series revolves around the return of Naga as the children of the original Battle Brawlers must stand together to defeat him. It focuses on the lives of the Earth Division children. It was published on on August 22, 2011 but is currently on hiatus.



Chapter 1: Legend of the Battle Brawlers

Dan Kuso, now married to Runo Misaki, recounts the story of how the original Battle Brawlers (himself, Runo, Marucho, Shun, Julie and Alice) defeated Naga and saved Vestroia to his son, DJ and his friends, Bailey, Shin, Chichi and Soren, who are all over for a sleepover. Though eager to hear more stories about their parents' adventures, Dan convinces them to go to sleep and has a sarcastic conversation with Runo.

Meanwhile, deep within the core of New Vestroia, Naga suddenly emerges, fully resurrected and summons his servants Hairadee, Tayghen, Centorior and Druman. The four are confused as to how Naga, as well as themselves, were able to return after Drago destroyed him. Naga explains that he forsaw that Drago would no doubt win and in anticipation of such an event, grafted a part of himself to the Silent Core before Drago absorbed it, along with that portion of Naga. This established a link between the two, a link that Drago was unaware of, that allowed Naga to watch Drago's subsequent battles and adventures. The link also allowed Naga to slowly syphon off bits of Drago's energy, causing moments of weakness and power loss (more prominently shown during the events of Arc 1 of Season 4: Mechtanium Surge), in order to restore his own and eventually resurrect himself. Being fully restored, he was able to also bring back his four servants. He reveals that he kept this plan from them in order to make their fighting more convincing and to keep Drago from finding out about his plans. He threatens his servants that they must follow his orders and remain stealthy with the next phase of their plans otherwise he will kill them. He then orders Hairadee to head to Neathia and acquire their cloaking technology for his unknown plans to rule the entire universe.

Back on Earth while the children sleep, Drago is suddenly woken up by someone calling his name. Linehalt asks if he is all right, but Drago simply brushes it off as a dream.


  • Season 1: Brawlers of Tomorrow is influenced by Season 1 of the original Bakugan series.

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