Blue Marble Forest
Location statistics
Located in Valley of Broken Spirits
Status Active

The Blue Marble Forest is the name of the forest that is home to the secret location of Ueno Castle, home of the Hattori Clan. The forest is located on the continent, Valley of Broken Spirits on Aileron and is also home to many dangerous and hostile wildlife.


The Blue Marble Forest is a vast forest spanning several acres located in Japan. Within the forest is a large, hollow mountain that houses Ueno Castle with Ankyla Falls being it's entrance. The forest gives off a powerful radiation that shuts down any type of electronic device that enters it's vicinity. It also causes hallucinations and disorientation to anyone who enters it. Navigation through the forest is near impossible as people will wind up lost for days only to wind up back where they began because of the forest's effects. It is for this reason that the public has forbidden entry into the forest. Only those who have a guardian spirit with them can safely navigate through the forest and arrive at Ankyla Falls.


The Blue Marble Forest is one of the many fortifications protecting Ueno Castle and it existed long before the Hattori Clan settled there, suggesting that the location may have been used for something else.


  • It was originally going to be called "The Forest of Illusions."

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