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Blade of Psyche

The Blade of Psyche

The Blade of Psyche is a sacred item to the House of Psyche. It is a double-edged sword originally belonging to Psyche and eventually passed down to each subsequent family head. However, due to the loss of many records during the Great Purge, it's purpose and powers have long been forgotten. The current holder is Phoebe the Moonrat, as Alexander fears that his uncontrollable psychic powers mixed with the sword's own abilities would cause disaster.



The construction of the Blade of Psyche is relatively unknown, but it was the personal weapon of Psyche. It was subsequently passed down to her descendants and currently belongs to Phoebe. In normal circumstances, it would rest with Alexander, the current Psyche house head, but, in fear that his uncontrollable psychic powers would negatively mix with the swords own - and forgotten - powers, he instead gave it to Phoebe. While it's powers have been forgotten, it is still an excellent and well functioning sword for close combat.


  • The Blade of Psyche's design is based on the Ballistra Arrowhead from Sonic and the Black Knight.

Mythsetian Relics

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