Blackburn Jaegers
Blackburn Jaegers

The Blackburn Jaegers squadron.

Basic Information
Group Type Squadron
Founder Osprey Fenix
Members Osprey Fenix, Crow Bishop, Lily Ray, Basil, Krane
Status Active
Jaegers, let's burn 'em black!
– The Blackburn Jaegers' catchphrase

The Blackburn Jaegers is a squadron of Atmos, led by Sky Knight Osprey Fenix. They travel the Atmos aboard their ship, The Magnificent Frigate, battling the forces of evil, namely Cyclonians. They are well-known throughout the Atmos for their efficiency, skill and strength. In particular, their Sky Knight is famously known as The Blackburn Phoenix. Their squadron colors are black and orange.


Osprey is the leader and Sky Knight of the Blackburn Jaegers and is well-known as the Blackburn Phoenix. She wields the Phoenix Wings katanas.
Crow is the team's sharpshooter, tactician and crystal mage and is able to use the Binding. He wields a sniper rifle called Nightshot.
Lily Ray is a Blizzarian and Osprey's first officer and wingman. She wields a large halberd called Sledgehammer.
Basil is a Raptor and the team's stealth, demolitions and heavy ballistics expert. He wields twin boomerang-daggers called the Static Scorchers.
Krane is the team's carrier pilot, flight engineer, medical officer and chef as well as an ex-NightCrawler. He pilot's the team's Magnificent Frigrate.


The group was immediately formed after Osprey graduated from Sky Knight Academy on Terra Atmosia with her two best friends, Crow and Lily Ray. Ray led them to Krane, whom they recruited as their engineer and carrier pilot. Ex-Raptor Basil joined the squadron some time after that.

Like the Storm Hawks, the Blackburn Jaegers do not have a home Terra. Osprey and Crow's home Terra, Terra Blackburn, was ravaged long ago by the Cyclonians to the point where it can no longer support life. So, they live aboard the Frigate and travel Atmos instead.



  • Jaeger is a reference to the Parasitic Jaeger, a seabird.
  • Blackburn is a reference to a type of fighter plane.
Blackburn Jaegers