Typeicon-MBF Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Fire
Personal data
Alias Burst Wolf
Gender Male
Emblem Beowulf emblem
Species Guardian spirit-wolf
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Beowulf, also known as the Burst Wolf, is a guardian spirit of fire partnered with Melissa Tang and a member of the Masanari Black Flowers. He is in large, brown-red wolf with silver wrist bands on his front legs. While Melissa is lazy and procrastinates, Beowulf is hard working and determined, often pushing Melissa to realize her full potential.

Physical description

Beowulf is a strong and well-built red-brown wolf with light brown fur on the tip of his tail and on his hind paws. He has deep blue eyes and wears straps across his ankles. When ablaze, Beowulf's fur becomes enveloped in flames.


Beowulf is a rather serious and quiet individual, greatly contrasting with Melissa's slacker personality. He often pushes Melissa to take up more responsibility. He tries to keep calm in most situations in order to keep his fire from going out of control.



  • Fire manipulation: Beowulf is a fire spirit and can control, generate and absorb fire. He can burn and melt objects and even generate powerful firestorms.
    • Heat manipulation: Beowulf can manipulate, generate and absorb heat.
    • Fire aura: Beowulf is capable of completely surrounding himself in a fiery aura. Beowulf instantly becomes an extreme hazard, setting fire to nearly anything he touches and emitting such an intense heat that he can incinerate or melt anything near him.
    • Pyrokinetic flight: Beowulf can momentarily simulate flight by propelling himself through their air with fire.
    • Fire resistance: Beowulf is immune to fire and heat.
    • Pyrokinetic construct duplicates: Beowulf's special ability allows him to generate solid fire construct duplicates of himself.
  • Emotional empowerment: Beowulf's ability to manipulate and conjure flames is directly linked to his emotional state. If he becomes mild or afraid, his powers will weaken, but if he becomes enraged, his flames will lose control and burn away at everything.
  • Predator instinct: Beowulf possesses keen predatory instincts.
  • Enhanced senses


  • Hunting and tracking: Beowulf is an excellent hunter and is able to track his prey across great distances.

Special ability

  • Ember Wraith: Beowulf can generate fire copies of himself made of solid flames.


Beowulf was created by Tai Lung prior to his leave of Aileron. How he came to arrive at Ueno Castle was unknown but he ended up partnering with Melissa Tang shortly after she and her sister arrived and joined the Masanari Black Flowers. He often participates in missions with Melissa.


  • Beowulf's name comes the Old English heroic epic poem of the same name.

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