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Crest of Bell

Bell's crest

Bell (ベア Bea) was the original ancestor of the House of Bell. She was a powerful magic user specializing in summoning magic. She gained this power when she struck a deal with the Chess Demons. The resulting deal allowed her to summon various Chess Demons and this ability was eventually carried over to her descendants. However, the other founders greatly disapproved of her conspiring with demons but before they could confront her, she disappeared. Her ancient relic is the Chime of Bell, which allowed her, and subsequently all her descendants, to bypass the level and numerical limitations in their summoning. However, it has been lost for many centuries.

Known descendants


  • Bell's name comes from the object of the same name, which was used in summoning rituals.
Preceded by
Position established
Head of the House of Bell Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Pan the Goat

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