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Haos Beast King Azreal
Haos Beast King Azreal

Haos Beast King Azreal is Ayden Grit's Ace Monster.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Vestroian Dragonoid Bakugan
G power 900, 450 (former)
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Resistance member
Neathian Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Two Birds One Stone
Shadows in the Light
Long Distance
Spread Your Wings
I fought for my life to escape the prison I was condemned to. If you think I'm going back without a fight, you're wrong!
Beast King Azreal

This page is comprised of Beast King Azreal's relationships with various other characters he interacts with.


Battle Brawlers

Azreal is a member of the Battle Brawlers.

Battle Brawlers Resistance

Azreal is a former member of the Battle Brawlers Resistance.

Neathian Castle Knights

Azreal is a member of the Neathian Castle Knights.


Ayden Grit

When they first met, there was much hostility between Ayden and Azreal, which often took the form of physical fights between the two, but they eventually overcame their differences somehow and became strong partners. Azreal cares very much for Ayden and often serves as a major source of encouragement due to her lack of skill and inexperience when it comes to brawling. He is instrumental in helping Ayden come to terms with her feelings for Shun.


As his Mechtogan, I.V. is very loyal to Azreal and on occasion, over-affectionate to him and Ayden. She does not hesitate to follow his orders and he often translates what she is saying.


Maelstrom is very loyal to Azreal as he was the one who saved him from a group of Bakugan from the Doom Dimension. To this day, Azreal cannot explain why he saved Maelstrom - since Azreal himself would be the one to attack anything that came to the Doom Dimension - but the Trap clearly made some sort of impression on him. In battle, Azreal often relies on Maelstrom for support.

Shun Kazami

Azreal gets along with Shun quite well as he is Ayden's love interest. They team up when Ayden is captured and work together to rescue her.

Love interest


Skyress was basically the love of Azreal's life and she only strengthened his desire to go to Vestroia. When a portal opened in the Doom Dimension, Azreal caught a glimpse of Skyress and longed to meet her. Though he finally got his wish, he instead wound up in the Haos world as opposed to the Ventus world. These feelings were reciprocated and the two had a very blossoming romance, but have apparently gone their separate ways since Skyress chose to remain in New Vestroia and Azreal returned with Ayden.

Bakugan Characters

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