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Haos Beast King Azreal
Haos Beast King Azreal

Haos Beast King Azreal is Ayden Grit's Ace Monster.

Personal data
Gender Male
Species Vestroian Dragonoid Bakugan
G power 900, 450 (former)
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Resistance member
Neathian Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Two Birds One Stone
Shadows in the Light
Long Distance
Spread Your Wings
I fought for my life to escape the prison I was condemned to. If you think I'm going back without a fight, you're wrong!
Beast King Azreal


Azreal was born a White One in the Doom Dimension. Due to his resentment of being born in such a desolate place, every time a Bakugan was sent there, he battled and defeated them. Eventually, Azreal saw vision of the beautiful Vestroia and a Ventus Skyress, the same Skyress Shun would partner with, and longed to go there. When Vestroia split into 6 attribute worlds, he managed to escape with Maelstrom but wound up in the world of Haos rather than Ventus, where he wanted to go. He eventually adapted to the Haos environment and evolved into Haos Omega Azreal. He managed to meet the Skyress and the two fell in love. After Vestroia separated, Azreal fell into a warp hole leading to Vestal, where he met Ayden. At first, the two did not get along but eventually put their differences aside and became partners.

He joined the Bakugan Resistance with Ayden and helped her come to terms with her feelings for Shun. After encountering Volt while out at the amusement park, Shun and Ingram were knocked out of battle when they took a hit for Azreal and Ayden. Thankfully, Azreal was able to defeat Volt and protect the Ventus Energy. When Mylene and Shadow attacked Marucho's hoome, Azreal sacrificed himself to save Keith and Mira from the Death Ball and wound up falling into the Doom Dimension.

There, he encountered Lync and Volt as well as the spirit of Lars Lion. Each Bakugan he had killed was returned to life as a zombie-like creature and attacked him. Azreal refused to give up and evolved into Beast King Azreal, thereby passing Lars Lion's test. He gained the power to travel across dimensions, using the Doom Dimensions as a connection. He returned just in time to save Ayden and Maelstrom, bringing Volt and Lync with him. He participated with the Resistance in the final battle with the Alternative and returned home to Vestal after thei victory.

Later, he went to Earth with Ayden and particiapted in several Bakugan Interspace battles. He later joined Fabia in traveling to Neathia and joining the Castle Knights. He later lost to Airzel and Ayden was captured, though she was able to get Azreal and Maelstrom to safety. He teamed up with Shun and went to Gundalia to rescue her. However, Ayden had been brainwashed by Kazarina. Azreal asked that Shun use him in battle, as he felt partially responsible for Ayden's capture. Using his new Battle Gear, Mjolnir Breaker, Azreal was able to defeat Ayden and broke the hypnosis. He later continues to take part in the Neathian-Gundalian War.


In the future, Azreal, along with Maelstrom, partners up with Ayden's youngest daughter, Shizuka Kazami.

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