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Beast King is a title that refers to the very first guardian spirit and his subsequent successors. The very first Beast King was Zenith, who created several guardian spirits after him. Beast Kings are the only known energy spirits.

List of known Beast Kings


The legend of the Beast King dates back nearly to the very beginning of the world. The first guardian spirit ever and Beast King was Zenith and he was able to manipulate all the elements of darkness, earth, fire, lightning, wood, ice, water, energy, wind and light. He was a powerful guardian spirit and was noted for creating several other guardian spirits, including the Origin Spirits and the Domain Spirits. However, he was not immortal. Although his spirit could continue living, his body would soon decay. He searched the Earth for someone he deemed worthy of being his successor.

He eventually selected Azmyth as his successor, who later went on to create the Master Spirits and selected Azreal as his own successor.



  • The term Beast King is also used as the evolution name for the Bakugan modification of Azreal.
  • Each Beast King as the letter 'Z' in his name and has so far always been male.

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