Basil is the ballistics and stealth expert of the Blackburn Jaegers.

Personal data
Nicknames Bas
Age 21
Gender Male
Species Raptor
Position Stealth
Heavy ballistics
Squadron Blackburn Jaegers
Weapon Static Scorcher boomerang-daggers
Ride Blackburn "Thrasher" Skimmer III
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Dingo-Sniper
Appearances Blackburn Jaegers


Early life

Basil was born and raised on Terra Bogaton. Family is very important to Basil and he was particularly close with his Terradon cousin. At some point, Basil joined the Raptors under Repton's leadership while his cousin became a scientist. However, Repton continued harassing the scientists for their work and Basil's cousin eventually became a casualty. Because of this, Basil defected from the Raptors and swore revenge against Repton for the death of his cousin.

While on the run from his former team, Basil was rescued by the Blackburn Jaegers. Though cautious at first, he was eventually accepted into the team. In particular, Basil developed a rivalry with Lily Ray due to their preference for radically different temperature settings. Basil would often receive caution because of his species, prompting him to tattoo the Blackburn Jaeger's emblem on his chest to better show off his allegiances.

Blackburn Jaegers

With Basil as their new member, the squadron traveled to Terra Atmosia to officially add Basil into their squadron roster, though the council was somewhat concerned over Osprey Fenix's choice, but agreed nonetheless.

Brothers in Arms

Sometime later, Basil joined his squadron in an attack on Cyclonians at Terra Mineros, however, they were captured by the NigthCrawlers. The team was rescued by Krane, who was revealed to not only be an ex-NightCrawler, but their former leader as well. After Krane rescued them and defeated the NightCrawlers, he revealed his past with them to his team, much to Basil, Lily Ray and Crow Bishop's surprise.

Squadron Clash

While at the bazaar, Basil picked up a crate of Heater Crystals before he was attacked by the Storm Hawks, who mistook him for a member of the Raptors because of his species. The Jaegers came to her rescue as the Storm Hawks realized their misunderstanding. Basil was somewhat bitter to the Storm Hawks because they attacked him. Nevertheless, he worked with the squadron to repel a Cyclonian invasino of Terra Concord.

Blackburn Jaegers

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