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Bailey Gilbert

Bailey is the Subterra battler of the Earth Division.

Personal data
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Brawlers of Tomorrow
Affections Touching Across Dimensions
Come on, Gorem! Let's get this party started!
Bailey Gilbert

Bailey Gilbert (べイリー・ギルバート Beirii Girubâto) is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the daughter of canon characters Billy Gilbert and Julie Makimoto. She is a Subterra battler partnered with Hammer Gorem. She is a member of the Earth Division of the Brawlers.

Physical description

Bailey is a 15 year old human girl and the daughter of Julie and Billy. She has long silver hair and light blue eyes. She loves dressing up in Western style clothing, wearing a cowgirl hat nearly all the time. She wears light pink gloves and a light pink shirt with a heart design, a brown vest, a long dress with orange and pink patterns and brown boots.


Bailey is a natural party girl, a trait she takes after her mother, and is all about having a great time. She's very optimistic and tries not to let bad situations get to or mess with her. She's very confident and outgoing and acts like an older sister to Shiori and Shizuka . She also acts much like a mediator for the team when the rest of the male members quarrel.


  • Billy Gilbert (father)
  • Julie Makimoto (mother)
  • DJ Kuso (love interest)

DJ Kuso

Bailey has a huge crush on DJ. She thinks everything he does is great. The only problem is that he doesn't have a clue about how she feels about him! Because DJ's attitude usually gets him into tough situations, Bailey is usually the one to try and calm him down.


Hammer Gorem

Bailey's Bakugan, Subterra Hammer Gorem.

Bailey was born to Billy and Julie and grew up in Japan with her closest friends, DJ, Shin and Soren. Since she was a little girl, she harbored a huge crush on DJ, a fact that, while others were perfectly aware of, DJ remained oblivious of her attraction to him. When DJ revived the Battle Brawlers and declared himself leader, Bailey joined as the Subterra battler with Hammer Gorem.

When Chichi, Marucho's nephew came to live with him, the boy was very distant at first, and Bailey was the first person to reach out to him, inviting him to join their group and be friends.

By the events of season 2, Ivory Ragnarok, Bailey becomes far more annoyed and angry at DJ because he still only sees her as a friend and not something more to the point where she blatantly ignores and insults him. It is not until after this that DJ begins to realize his feelings for her, but is too late to confess them due to the season finale events, prompting him to rescue her in season 3, Resistance Resurrection.



  • Bailey's name was originally Sally but due to the fact that most of the other Earth Division characters's names began with S, it was changed.

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