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Azreal False Form
Personal data
Alias Crimson Dragon, Beast King
Age 654 (130.8 dragon years)
Gender Male
Emblem Azreal emblem
Species Guardian spirit-dragon
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
I've done things in my past that I'm not proud of and the people I care about have had to pay for my mistakes. I won't let Shizuka pay the price like her mother did.


Azreal is a guardian spirit hailing from Aileron. He is the current Beast King and was once the partner of Teresa. Initially drawn to her fiery spirit, they became partners and Azreal swore to protect her. One day, Teresa was invited to join the Masanari Black Flowers, which she accepted and Azreal joined her. As he watched her grow from a timid girl into a strong and passionate warrior, Azreal began to develop romantic feelings for her.

However, despite being in love with her, Azreal knew they could never truly be together and decided to stand aside and let her be with someone she loved, Keiji Hattori. Shortly after Teresa had her second child, she feel gravely ill. Azreal begged her to let him save her, as he was perfectly capable of, but she declined, saying that she did not fear death and that it was her time to go. After a tearful goodbye, Teresa passed Azreal onto her daughter, Shizuka Hattori.

Azreal cares very much for Shizuka, as she reminds him much of Teresa, but did not share the details of his past with her, feeling that he only should when the time was right and not wanting her to get involved in his past. He comforted her during her time of grief over the murder of her brother, an event she never truly got over, and even tried to help her move on from it and dissuade her from taking revenge. Despite his efforts, Shizuka developed and hardened into an emotionally distant individual bent on taking revenge on the one who took her brother. Though Azreal tries to placate Shizuka and help her discover other aspirations aside from revenge, he does agree to aid her in her training and various missions.

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