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Azmyth 2012
Personal data
Alias The Balance, Master Spirit of Energy
Gender Male
Emblem Azmyth emblem
Species Guardian spirit-nine-tailed fox
Classification Guardian
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Azmyth, also known as the Master Spirit of Energy and The Balance, is a guardian spirit and the Master Spirit of Energy. He is a nine tailed fox and was chosen by Zenith to be his successor as the next Beast King.

Physical description

Azmyth is a large pale colored fox with nine, long tails. On each of those tails is a purple orb with a crest of one of the Master Spirits, signifying him as their leader and master. His symbol, a yin and yang crest, is on his left hip. He has pale blue flames surrounding his ankles, allowing him to fly and he has a hideous scar covering his eyes, and is therefore blind.


Azmyth is very old and very wise. In his youth, he was rash, bold and very courageous but over time as the Beast King developed into a more serious and mature individual. He is more of a talker than a doer and tries to talk things out and will only resort to violence if necessary.


As a spirit of energy, Azmyth has power over and is capable of manipulating all forms of pure energy as well as the other nine elements.

Special ability

  • Essence Vision: "Sees" the Essence of life


  • Energy Shield (Defensive): Produces a protective shield of any size
  • Nine-tailed Radiance (Offensive): Each tail fires a beam of the element the orb on the tail contains
  • Shadow Scratch
  • Grand Fissure
  • Lightning Claw
  • Fire Daggers
  • Leaf Storm
  • Blizzard Storm
  • Hydro Jet
  • Hachiman Tornado
  • Flare Blinder

Weapon Transformation

Weapon form unknown.

Beast Fusion

Beast Fusion unknown.


Azmyth's early history is largely unknown, but it is widely believed that he was created by Zenith. Zenith raised Azmyth as his own and shared with Azmyth all his wisdom. Azmyth eventually succeeded Zenith as the Beast King.

After succeeding his master, Azmyth traveled across Aileron in search of valid candidates to become the next keepers of the nine elements and chose Koumori, Jahma, Solaris, Zhear-Khan, Avalon, Nyla, Hylia, Kazami and Vritra to become the Master Spirits. He took Azreal under his wing to train as his successor, just as Zenith had done with him before.

When Azreal's training was complete, Azmyth sent him to seek out each of the Master Spirits and battle them in order to prove that he is worthy of being the Beast King. Upon defeating each of them, Azmyth and the other Master Spirits swore their loyalty and allegiance to him.



  • Azmyth's design was influenced by the villain Lord Ninetails from Okami.
  • Azmyth's Aura Vision ability was influenced by the Pokémon Lucario.
Guardian Spirits

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