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Ayden Grit

Ayden is the younger sister of Ace Grit and love interest of Shun Kazami.

Personal data
Age 14-15 (Two Birds One Stone)
15-16 (Spread Your Wings)
17-18 (Heroes of Champions)
Gender Female
Species Vestal
Occupation Battle Brawlers member
Resistance member
Neathian Castle Knight
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Two Birds One Stone
Long Distance
Spread Your Wings

Ayden Grit (工イデン・グリッド Eiden Gurito) is a vestal and younger sister of canon character, Ace Grit. She is a Haos battler, partnered with Beast King Azreal; her Trap Bakugan is Maelstrom, her Battle Gear is Mjolnir Breaker and her Mechtogan is Iron Vercingetorix. She is the love interest of Shun Kazami.

Physical description

Ayden is a young girl of average weight and height, standing slightly shorter than her brother. She has green hair and silver eyes like her brother and is slim and fit. Her hair is long and usually covers her face, though she later begins wearing it in a high ponytail as it gets longer.

In New Vestroia, Ayden's outfit consists of a white shirt similar to Ace's with disconnected sleeves. She wears a short grey skirt with black shorts underneath and black fingerless gloves. In addition, she wears long black boots. In Gundalian Invaders, her outfit consists of the same black boots from her previous outfit. She wears black shorts and a greyish-blue shirt. Over that she wears a white sleeveless jacket with a hood. In Mechtanium Surge, Ayden sports a more casual look. She wears a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows with a loose black vest on top. She wears grey shorts and navy blue short boots. Her second arc outfit conists of the same boots, black shorts, a bright blue shirt and a long-sleeved, white jacket. After the events of Mechtanium Surge, Ayden's wardrobe has become more open, confident and girly. She wears a silk-like blue blouse with a black ribbon around her neck, black shorts and black sandals.


Ayden was largely raised by her condescending father, resulting in Ayden having a rather poor outlook on herself. This lacking confidence is exacerbated by her inexperience with brawling. Despite possessing a guardian Bakugan, she has no idea how to play. Ayden has been used to keeping to herself, but is largely dependent on her brother when in a difficult situation. After joining the Brawlers and finally learning from Shun how to brawl, Ayden's confidence undergoes a significant boost. She becomes more open and confident in her abilities as a brawler and eventually enters a relationship with Shun, having harbored strong feelings for her since he saved her life.



  • Bakugan battling: Although Ayden begins as a complete amatuer, she slowly evolves into an exceptionally skilled battler. Managing to win many matches on her own.
  • Hacking: In addition, she is quite skilled in computer technology and is very capable of hacking into secure computers.


  • Ayden would have initially been modeled after Shizuka Hattori but this was later changed to avoid having too similar of a personality to Shun.
  • Ayden's name means "fire."
  • Ayden's New Vestroia outfit is based on Ace's.

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