Auric is the form of currency used within the Foritcona galaxy and the primary form of currency used in the world of Dark Skies.

When the Galactic Council was founded, instead of using each species' individual currency, they agreed to form a universal currency called Auric. The currency itself is represented by crystals that are harvested from the Veneer deposits. Despite being harvested from the same deposits, Auric is more circular and soft as compared to Veneer which is more jagged, sharp and also contains high amounts of energy which makes them some what useless as currency. Auric is currently represented by eight forms: green, purple, yellow, blue, red, violet, rosetta and opal. Denominations of Auric come in one, three, five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred and two hundred. While Auric crystals are generally too big to fit in a standard purse or wallet, they are contained in Auric Cubes which are capable of shrinking the Auric down into the container and allow for easy use when required.

Dark Skies

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