Typeicon-GS Typeicon-Wind
Personal data
Alias Domain Spirit of the Sky
Gender Male
Emblem Atmos emblem
Species Guardian spirit-bird
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Atmos, also known as the Domain Spirit of the Sky is a guardian spirit and the Domain Spirit of the Sky. He is a wind spirit and takes on the form of a bird with metallic wings. He is king of the sky domain and has many avian guardian spirits serving under him.

Physical description

Atmos is a large white bird with a bronze beak and wings and feathers made of metal. He is likely the largest bird Guardian Spirit in existence and nothing can out fly him.


As the ruler of the skies, Atmos not only has power over the element of wind, but he is also capable of manipulating the entire sky. Clouds and weather storms move to his will and he is capable of traveling far up into the ozone layer. As his beak and feathers are made of metal, many of his attacks center around close, physical and slashing attacks.

Special ability

  • Greenhouse Effect: Atmos is capable of absorbing solar radiation and channeling it into a powerful heat blast.


  • Bronze Beak: Atmos attacks with his metal beak.
  • Metallic Feather: Atmos attacks the opponent using his wings as blades.
  • Dagger Whirlwind: Atmos creates a whirlwind where his feathers slice the opponent.
  • Toxic Excrement: Atmos' excrement is toxic and can cause poisoning or disorientation,
  • Thousand Knives Storm: Feathers from Atmos' body disconnect and close in on the opponent all at once.
  • Hurricane Sword: Atmos attacks with his tail feathers as a sword.
  • Sky Ripper: Atmos zooms through the sky at great speed, slicing through everything in his way.
  • Steel Shard: Atmos hardens the metal of his body and charges at the opponent.
  • Solar Burst: Atmos unleashes the solar energy he absorbs into a powerful heat ray.


Atmos is the Domain Spirit of the Sky. He resides high above the sky in the ozone and is rarely seen. He has been known to tutor bird spirits in flight speed. He lives high above the sky in a floating castle where his servants, the Keepers of the Coast and Keepers of the Cities, report to him on daily affairs from their posts.


  • Atmos is based on the mythical creature, Stymphalian birds and Ziz
  • Atmos is named after the atmosphere.
Guardian Spirits

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