Location statistics
Located in Twist Ocean
Status Destroyed

Atlantis is the name of a lost, but very advanced civilization that sunk to the depths of the sea in the Twist Ocean on Aileron. It was the home of the Atlanteans and Leviathan before it sunk.


Atlantis was once a very prosperous civilization with very advanced technology and access to magic before the Dragon Exodus. At some point in time, a guardian spirit named Leviathan, the Domain Spirit of the Sea, washed up to their island with no memory of his life. The Atlanteans nursed Leviathan back to health and in return, Leviathan vowed to protect the island.

However, he was unable to save Atlantis when a huge tidal wave washed the civilization away and sank it beneath the ocean's surface. As Leviathan had no recollection that he was the Domain Spirit of the Sea and therefore could stop the wave, he was consumed with grief for being unable to protect the people who had been so kind to him and aimlessly stayed at the ruins before meeting Plezira.

Known residents


  • Atlantis is based on the legendary island of the same name.

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