Artymis Pendragon is a flame dragon who lives in the Charred Pyres of the Dragon Realm. She is the daughter of the King of the flame dragons, Vulcan and his middle child as well as his only daughter, with her brothers being Tohil and Ifrit. She is the mate of Tai Lung.

Physical description

Artymis is a bright white dragon with pink-purple markings on her body. She has two legs and one pair of wings that she also walks on.


As a dragon, Artymis has incredible strength and skills, greater than most guardian spirits, a trait inherited by both her children. She can run and fly at great speeds and can breath white fire.


Artymis is from the Pendragon family and her father Vulcan is on the Dragon Council, giving her a status of high nobility. She has an older brother named Tohil and a younger brother named Ifrit. She drew much attention from suitors but was uninterested in all of them. However, she did have an eye for the foreigner, Tai Lung.


  • Artymis has the same marking on the tip of her mouth like Kaya.
  • Her color scheme was originally more saturated, but severely lightened.


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