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This page refers to the Loonatics Unleashed fan character, Arianna Wolfe. For other uses of Arianna and Wolfe, see Arianna and Wolfe respectively.

Arianna Wolfe
Arianna Wolfe

Arianna Wolfe is the mother of Skye Wolfe.

Personal data
Nicknames Ari
Age 45
Gender Female
Species White wolf
Occupation Sergeant major of the Lupus K9 military forces
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix
Appearances Shades of Gray


Arianna was born on a planet called Lupus K9 where she eventually enrolled in the military upon reaching the age of eighteen. She served in the military's army for eight years, upon which she reached the rank of sergeant major. After seeing the horrors of death and destruction in war, Arianna began suffering greatly from post traumatic stress disorder, especially after her right arm was amputated as a result of a severe injury she sustained during war. The doctor assigned to take care of her was Demitri Wolfe, who was also one of the leading weapons developer.

Seeing Arianna's condition, Demitri offered to build her a new arm. However, as he was still early into his research on cybernetic replacement limbs, he would not be able to construct an early prototype for another year. Once the prototype was successfully grafted onto Arianna, Demitri remained close to her to both monitor her progress with the limb as well as help with her rehabilitation. As the years rolled by, Demitri perfected Arianna's cybernetic arm and the two eventually began falling in love with each other.

Shortly after marrying Demitri, the two moved to Acmetropolis where they later had a daughter named Skye. However, she was eventually called back to Lupus K9 to train new recruits with cybernetic enhancements like herself and assist in commanding forces to assist an ally planet of Lupus K9 that had been threatened with war, forcing her to leave her three year old daughter and husband. Though Demitri was more than happy to go with her, she did not want them to be involved in a war. It is assumed she is unaware of her husband's disappearance and is still on Lupus K9.

Shades of Gray

Arianna makes her first appearance in Shades of Gray during the first anniversary of the meteor impact on Acmetropolis. She has apparently returned from her service on Lupus K9 for some time now and has been spending months looking into the disappearance of her husband, Demitri. During this time, she has not contacted her daughter and it is unknown why. She has apparently formed a friendship with Mist, who assists her in gathering information pertaining to her husband's disappearance while also helping Mist turn her life around.

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