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This page refers to the Dragon Age fan character, Ari Wolfe. For other uses of Arianna and Wolfe, see Arianna and Wolfe respectively.


Ari Wolfe
Ari Wolfe

Ari Wolfe is an apostate mage and the leader of the Wolfe Pack.

Personal data
Nicknames Ari, Wolfe, Farm Girl
Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Classification Mage
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

This page is comprised of Ari Wolfe's relationships with various other characters she interacts with. A kind, caring and hard working girl, Ari enjoys helping others and seems to change the lives of everyone she meets.


Wolfe Pack

Ari is a founding member of and leader of the Wolfe Pack.


  • Ser Percival (biological father)
  • Samsara (biological mother)
  • Harold and Nicole Wolfe (adoptive parents)

Harold and Nicole Wolfe

Harold and Nicole are Ari's adoptive parents. They were kind, caring and nurturing parents whom Ari loved deeply. She resented them slightly after discovering that they hid the truth of her real parentage from her, but eventually came around to forgiving them, still viewing them as her real parents.

Ser Percival and Samsara

Ser Percival and Samsara are Ari's biological parents, a Templar and Circle Mage of the Ferelden Circle Tower. Ari was taken from her mother the moment she was born, but Percival was able to move her to a happy farming couple. Ari only recently becomes aware of her true parentage and sets out to find her birth parents.

Love interests



Gaius Darragh


Nicholas Sterling





After Ari ran away from her village to escape the Templars, she and Sere met and decided to travel together. Sere was supportive and nurturing to Ari, becoming a mother-like figure to her.

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