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Arbalest of Galen

The Arbalest of Galen

The Arbalest of Galen is a sacred item to the House of Galen. An ancient, yet highly advanced piece of weaponry, the Arbalest is the former personal weapon of Galen that was passed down to his successors. However, following the Great Purge, the Arbalest was lost and has yet to be recovered.



Originally constructed out of a collaboration between Mythos and Galen, the Arbalest is an enhanced piece of weaponry that combined Mythos' elemental abilities with Galen's technomage powers. It served as Galen's personal weapon that was subsequently passed down to his descendants. Because of its advanced design, it was able to transform and adjust to the person wielding it. In most cases, the primary setting involves a firearm and a blade. It was also capable of some form of sentient thought, as it would only work for specific individuals, presumably of its own choosing and often only those of Galen bloodline, as it has never been used by someone not of Galen heritage. However, following the Great Purge, the Arbalest was lost and remains so to this day.


  • An arbalest is a medieval European crossbow.

Mythsetian Relics

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