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Anastasia Volan
Personal data
Nicknames Ana
Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human-vestal
Occupation Pop idol
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Production notes
Created by Zephyros-Phoenix

Anastasia Volan (アナステイヅア・ボランAnasuteijia Boran), commonly referred to as Ana, is a Bakugan: Next Generation character and the daughter of canon characters of Lync Volan and Alice Gehabich. She is a Darkus battler partnered with Alpha Hydranoid.

Physical description

Ana is a 14 year old half-Human and half-Vestal girl from Russia and the daughter of Lync and Alice.


Ana is a confident and outgoing young girl and loves being the center of attention, causing her to come off as self-centered to most people. She loves singing on stage, but at times has come to regret her rise to stardom. Ana finds it difficult to make friends due to her status as a celebrity because she can't be certain if someone wants to be her friend because they like her or are just using her.


  • Lync Volan (father)
  • Alice Gehabich (mother)
  • Michael Gehabich (great grandfather)

Jay Osamu

Ana first met Jay over the internet and the two became fast friends. She developed a crush on him after learning that he had never heard of her or her songs and therefore, treats her like a person rather than a celebrity.


Alpha hydranoid

Anastasia's Bakugan, Alpha Hydranoid.

Born to Lync and Alice, Anastasia is a half-Human half-Vestal girl from Russia. She is a famous teen pop star but at the urging of her parents, still goes to school and retains a normal life, though with some difficulty. She enjoys being in the spot light a little too much but is not self conceited.

Slowly, Ana realized that everyone she went to school with only wanted to be her friend because she was famous. Saddened by this, Ana took to online chat rooms and forums, where she befriended many people, in particular, Jay Osamu. She developed a strong friendship with Jay, whom she would often video chat with. Eventually this turned into a crush when Jay admitted that he had never heard of her before or even heard her songs.

Bakugan: Next Generation

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